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Typically, the slogan should contain 5 words or less. It should communicate the benefits of purchasing with your brand or capture the spirit you’re trying to promote with products and services you’re selling. The best slogans are catchy enough to stick in the mind without being overly complicated or difficult to understand. After all, your customers are exposed to thousands of daily advertising messages, so it’s crucial that you’re able to set your brand apart with a good slogan. Today, mei-review will give you 10 examples of famous brands’ creative slogans so that you guys can refer and who knows, you will figure out your own idea. Let’s get started


#1. Dove’s slogan: Real Beauty


In 2004, Dove launched the Real Beauty campaign and named Slogan with the same name. This Dove campaign was a success as the Slogan hit Women’s Insight around the world. This is a brand’s attempt to increase body awareness. Since then solving problems with the product of Real Beauty campaign.

#2. McDonald’s slogan: i’m lovin ’it


“I’m lovin it” is the oldest slogan of the Fast Food industry tycoon. This sentence was also written as a song by Rapper Pusha T, and performed by Justin Timberlake. A special feature is that this campaign was born at a time when the entire Fast Food industry is being accused of serving unhealthy food that causes consumers to be obese.

It helped McDonald’s fight the allegations and retain customers.

# 3. Honda’s slogan: The Power Of Dream


This slogan of the Honda brand emphasizes dreaming instead of reality. It strongly attacks every person who dreams of having a car. It was also released with the launch of the Honda FCX Concept – Hydrogen powered cars. This suggests a new dream for many people, which is a clean, unpolluted environment.

# 4. Apple slogan: Think Different


Many people are still wondering, which Apple product is this slogan for. In fact, this is the slogan of the whole brand, used by Apple from 1997 to 2002. It is the momentum of Apple before turning itself into the tycoon of the technology industry.

# 5. Maybeline’s slogan: Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline


This slogan was launched by Maybelline in 1991 and is used until now. It brings the message of effective product line, focusing on the beauty of women and how to make women become more confident with their beauty even when they are not models.

# 6. Nike slogan: JUST DO IT


According to Dan Wieden, this slogan is based on the last words of American crime – Gary Gilmore. Before his execution, he said, “Let’s do it”. Wieden changed it to “Just do it”. This slogan gives consumers the feeling that they can do everything if using Nike products.

Just wearing Nike shoes, Nike clothes, Nike hats … everything will be successful. The advertising slogan “Just do it” was honored by Campaign Magazine with the Best Slogan Award of the 20th century.

# 7. Budweiser’s slogan: King Of Beers


Czech Budweiser beer has long been dubbed the “beer of kings”. When Adolphus Busch developed Budweiser, this beer was titled “The King of Beers” for marketing, showing Budweiser superiority over competitors.

#8. Adidas slogan: IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING


Impossible Is Nothing” is Adidas’ most famous slogan, inspired by the words of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. He is also Adidas’ brand ambassador in this campaign.

By 2004, this Slogan continued to be used and resonated globally with the participation of many sports legends such as David Beckham, Haile Gebrselassie, Tracy McGrady …

This slogan conveys the entire message of Adidas about supporting the world’s top athletes.

# 9. BMW slogan: The Ultimate Driving Machine


Rated as one of the best Slogan in the car industry, BMW has strengthened its brand image to be more daring and powerful. This slogan also wants to remind that BMW always tries to bring customers an excellent quality product with perfect beauty. 

# 10. “Where Do You Want To Go Today ?” (MICROSOFT, 1994)


Microsoft has launched a lot of global image ad campaigns, and so far, this slogan is one of the two most memorable slogans: “Where do you want to go today?” Where to go) Slogan is launched to emphasize how the company’s personal computers are used to overcome barriers and technology gaps.

The End

Hopefully this post is helpful for you to come up with new ideas and create impressive slogan for your own brand.

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