Working as a freelancer has become the hottest trend these days. People are willing to quite their 9to5 job to start their own career while feeling free to decide where and when to work. They are even able to boost their income thanks to different streams of income.



Are you interested in this field? If yes, please continue reading this article to learn some skills before getting started. 

1/ Professional skills

In order to become a successful freelancer, the “precondition” is that you need to equip yourself with a solid foundation of professional knowledge. In addition to the knowledge provided at school, you also need to be proactively enriching through courses or  on the internet. For example, as a design freelancer you should proactively learn more about new design trends, take part in advanced courses …

If you have time, you should also improve foreign languages, computer skills to support the job. Because the freelance environment today is dynamic and innovative. If you do not “refresh” yourself, you will soon be left behind in this competitive field.

2/ Management skills and time arrangement

Professional freelancers also need good management and time management skills. Because freelancers’ deadlines won’t be one day of the week, it could be on holidays and sometimes it’s late at night. You should set yourself time management habits and work in a scientific way, to ensure work progress doesn’t affect the living habits, work and daily life. Specifically:

First, when people start a project you need to plan now for job work not being “cornered”, please give priority to those projects and deadlines fold important advance.

Second, make the work plan you should dedicate yourself and “reserve” to ensure that deadline changes you can “back up” and streamlined. Absolutely do not let “water to the new feet” to make you fall into a “crisis”, affecting the quality of work.

3/ Good independently working skills

To become successful freelancers you also need good independent work skills. Specifically, you need to be active in all stages of the study document, find ideas, planned to take to  complete the work on time with high quality. Sometimes you need to become the “difficult’s boss”  to make the criteria for the job to ensure efficient work and build “brand” themselves.

4 Good interaction skills

The freelancer also needs to learn that communication skills, good interaction with customers or the “colleagues” across applications currently connected online. Due to the nature of the work is to work online so you need to have the flexibility and ingenuity in how to communicate, interpret for the two sides to understand each other and work more efficiently.

Besides, to interact well you should also discuss and agree with customers of specific tasks so that the two sides can sort work best. However, do not forget to check your connection tools regularly to ensure timely handling of urgent work situations.

5/ Problem solving skills

Freelancers and payroll are finished products, so if you want to succeed and build a reputation, freelancers need good problem-solving skills. Namely when facing difficulties in their work, be customer complaints … you need to calm face, flexibility in treatment in order to find alternatives to fix, solve the problem most effectively, make sure to Satisfied partners, customers.

6/ The skill of “living together” with stress

Although freelancing and quite comfortable in terms of time and working environment, freelance is also one of the pressure jobs. You still face the pressure of time, work efficiency from your customers. As a freelancer you will sometimes encounter situations where you will encounter “rushes” in time, the time to complete sometimes only a few hours. Therefore, in order to focus on completing the good work you need to learn to “live” with stress, find your own ways to relax, balance psychologically fit.

While freedom of freelance work but also a lot of pressure and challenges, but just you take the initiative and flexibility in the arrangement as well as the time they can fulfill. Good luck!

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