Audika Review- Making More Money With The Reading Concept Change

Audika Review


When life is increasingly busy and people tend to prefer watching and listening to reading, audiobooks are one of the solutions chosen by many people. The reading trend is not only changed by the needs of users but also greatly influenced by the outstanding development of technology and the introduction of many smart product lines.

Everyone recognizes the convenience and many benefits that audiobooks bring. When using audiobooks or podcasts, you can simultaneously do other things like work, cook, or exercise. A favorite feature of audiobooks is voice reading.

The story can become softer, more emotional, and fully convey the message that the author sends through the voice. It creates a friendly, reliable connection and increases interactions and the attraction of listeners.

It’s really not easy to produce an audiobook. While you don’t just have to invest in content, you also need to know how to edit and record voiceovers. But the most important issue is still finding the right and sympathetic voice.

If you hesitate to entrust this task to third parties, you should stay in this article. Because today, I’m bringing you a tool to help you create audiobooks with just a few mouse clicks. It’s called Audika.

Please join me to discover if it really works for creating profitable audiobooks.

Audika Review – The Overview




CreatorKundan Choudhary and Sandy Nayak
Front-End Price$27
Visit The Official Website Click Here
BonusHuge Bonuses at the end of the Audika review
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30 days money-back guarantee!
NicheTools & Software
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

What Is Audika About?

Audika is the world’s first cloud-based software that automatically turns your PDFs & reports into mesmerizing audiobooks in 220+ languages.

Now you can create high-quality audiobooks with Audika:

  • Login & upload your ebook
  • Set the chapters & pages with a built-in editor
  • Select the language & voice.

Who Is The Creator?

Kundan Choudhary and Sandy Nayak created this stunning software. With years of experience in creating high-converting funnels for businesses, they have come across hundreds of clients struggling to make sales and profits by complicating the funnel-building process.

They have spent 10+ successful years in the Online space & served 15000+ happy customers. With so much experience behind them, they can tell you that Audiobooks are the biggest trend of 2022 and beyond.

Their creations may be the life savers that sort out all the difficulties marketers are facing. You can refer to some of their hits such as The Pacific App, Video Submitter,, Cloudly Suites, TubeAim, ContentXpress, Trendzy, GoProHost, ProfitPilotPro, GoProSuite, GoProFunnels, Webbyground, etc.

What Are The Core Features Of This Audio Book Generator?

Create, Customize & Publish AudioBooks In 220+ Languages

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular for traffic and sales generation, that’s why businesses are in a hurry to join this evolving industry. Turning eBooks to audioBooks could change the game completely for you. So Audika is the only software you need to create high-quality professional audiobooks that sell themselves for huge profits.

With Audika, you can:

  • Turn any ebook into an audiobook in just 60 seconds
  • Create & sell audiobooks for top dollars without even speaking a word
  • Create audiobooks in 220+ languages & reach the masses
  • Use them as lead magnets to build an audience
  • Export in any language to reach millions of people.
  • Audiobooks with natural human-sounding voices!
  • Download your audiobook in mp3 format
  • Stream & share your audio on any website in 1 click
  • Preview your audio before exporting!
  • Choose the pitch, voice style & speed of your audiobook

Start An Instant Podcast & Build Your Fanbase

Do you know that being a podcaster will help you position yourself as an expert in your niche? The way you share your thoughts and solutions with the listeners makes them trust you, and probably become your fan and potential customers.

Thanks to Audika, you can establish your podcast channel without any fancy recording equipment. Simply narrate the audiobooks in your own voice and turn them into podcasts.


Not stopping there, Audika also gives you more help with the handy bonuses below. (And don’t forget to have a look at my own surprising bonuses at the end of the Audika review)


Audika Demo – How To Create An Audiobook With It?

First of all, you need to sign in to access your member area:


It will lead you to the main dashboard like this:


On the homepage, you start to select some settings for converting:

You need to choose the language and voice that you will use for your text. There are pitch and speed bars here, you can customize them. As you can see, on the left of the screen, you can upload the file to convert here:


When you scroll down, you can insert text and turn it into voice immediately:


When you’ve finished uploading, just click on  “Convert to speech”. In seconds, your book is ready to become an audiobook:


You can listen to all the texts here:


If you don’t want to change anything, you can download this file:


And that’s it. It is only 3 steps and no matter your text length, Audika converts really fast.

You can also watch the demo video to get more details of how it works:

The Reasons Why We Should Take It Into Consideration

You can turn any eBooks into audiobooks in 60 seconds.

Consumers’ reading habits have changed dramatically as they realize that even technology can make it easier for them to access information. Audiobooks are not new, but they have grown exponentially in recent years.

When readers can still maintain their reading habits but with a more convenient form. They can open an audiobook and do other things. And yet, audiobooks help them feel the story more clearly and deeply through inspirational voices.

Converting an eBook to an audiobook takes a lot of work. You need to hire voice talents or freelancers to read. You also have to record the voiceover for a very long time. With Audika, however, all you need to do is paste all the text or books you need to convert to audiobooks.

Next, you are allowed to choose the language and voice. It’s elementary and fast.

Audika helps you create and sell unlimited audiobooks.

This is considered one of the hottest job groups on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, where you can make thousands of dollars converting a book to an audiobook. Typically, it will take you a lot of time but when using Audika, you can make thousands of dollars a day very easily and super fast because this tool does it all for you.

The eBook business will also have to change to audiobooks because the consumer needs of the readers have changed, you are here to help them and make a profit. Your hesitation can cost you the opportunity to increase your income, look at many people who believe and have success:

If you have an eBook or text or content, you can create your own audiobooks right away. You’re ready to sell them on KDP or any platform.

Moreover, it enables you to build up one podcast, or Youtube channel with this material. Besides my own Audika review, you can also check out the thoughts of other users who have been experiencing it for a long time:


Audika Review – Price And Upgrades

The Front-End Option

Secure your Audika special launch offer and start generating more clicks & conversions today. Right now you can get full access to all of this for just $27. You can create audiobooks with natural human-sounding voices in just 60 seconds without speaking a single word or hiring expensive freelancers and selling audiobooks to hungry clients for top dollar.

Considering all the following features jam-packed in one piece of software, I believe this price is completely affordable and worth investing in:


Without huge upfront costs, you are able to start a serious business with audiobooks and podcasts. However, I can’t guarantee this price will be around forever. The price rises to $97 after the launch, so click the button below to close the bargain deal!

Apply the code AUDIKAVIP for a $3 discount


Audika Review – The Upgrades

And you can refer to some of upsell options below:

Audika Bundle

Get Audika and 4 upgrades at a one-time low price! All monthly fees are waived for a limited time including:

  • Audika FE ($27)
  • OTO 1: Audika Pro ($47 per month)
  • OTO 2: Agency Edition ($197)
  • OTO 3: Premium Stock ($27)
  • OTO 4: Reseller ($97)
  • Early Bird Launch Special Price: $297. Apply the code AUDIKABUNDLE for a $30 discount

>>>Close Audika Bundle Deal<<<

Now, let’s go into the details of each upgrade.

OTO 1 – Audika Pro ( ($1) Trial for 7 Days then $47/month or $27/month)

You can generate up to 10,000 – 30,000 words/month for your audiobooks with unlimited downloads/exports. Besides, Audika OTO 1 allows you to:

  • Access to all 220+ wavelet & neural voices (advanced voice)
  • Unlock unlimited audio embeds
  • Share your unlimited audio on any website in 1 click
  • Review your unlimited audiobook before exporting!
  • Remove all restrictions & limitations on your Audika account
  • Unlimited customization of pitch, voice style & speed of audio
  • Get Premium support
  • Profit from the commercial license included

>>>Click here for more details<<<

OTO 2 – Audika Agency License ($197)

You can create 50 accounts, each of which can generate 10,000 words with unlimited downloads/exports

The Audika Agency’s users also have access to all 600+ voices which include wavelet and neural voices and unlimited audio embeds

>>>Click here for more details<<<

OTO 3 – Audika Premium Stock ($27)

The next-generation stock visual solution lets you access the biggest collection of premium royalty-free stock images, videos, vectors, gifs, and audio with an inbuilt image editor at a low one-time fee.

Let’s take a look at what Audika OTO 3 has to offer:

  • Fully cloud-based searchable platform
  • 1 million + royalty-free stock images
  • 1 million + royalty-free stock video
  • 1 million + royalty-free stock gif
  • 5k + royalty-free stock music track
  • 20k + royalty-free stock vector
  • 1k+ animated icons
  • 10k+ illustrations
  • Sell unlimited assets to clients & earn like big boys
  • Complete designing
  • Unlimited downloads with no fee
  • Social sharing feature
  • Inbuilt image editor
  • Pay one and use it for life
  • Commercial license included

>>>Click here for more details<<<

OTO 4 – Audika Reseller Licence ($77 – $97)

How would you like to sell Audika to those who also want to start up an audio-book business and keep 100% of profits?

If so, consider this Audika Upgrade to this Exclusive Reseller License which gives you the guaranteed approvals to sell Audika and keep all the money you generate. The best part is that the Audika team will manage the service & support for your customers. 

>>>Click here for more details<<<

Who Is This Software Developed For?

In just under 60 seconds you’ve created a professional-sounding, mp3 audiobook ready to sell or giveaway in any language. All you have to do is log in, paste in any text, choose a voice and language, and download. Also included are features such as pauses, emphasis, pitch, and tone. 

Of course, the tool is aimed at those who love working in the content creation field. But as long as you would like to monetize the share-worthy content, you can get this Audika and start doing that.

That being said, it is intended for anyone, no matter what their profession is:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Video marketers
  • Website owners
  • Freelancer
  • Social Media Influencers
  • eCommerce Store Owners
  • Vloggers
  • Email Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Product Sellers

Audika Review – Pros And Cons Of Using The Tool

As mentioned in the early part of my Audika review, this tool is not difficult at all to use. After experiencing it, I can conclude some advantages and disadvantages here:


  • It’s quick to turn any ebook into a mesmerizing audiobook
  • It supports multiple languages (up to 220+ languages to reach a global audience)
  • Audiobooks with natural human voices which means no speaking, or hiring expensive freelancers
  • There are many customization options 
  • Free commercial license included
  • No more hiring expensive voice-over artists
  • No special skills or experience required
  • Step-by-step training included.


If only it had a built-in cover designer so that I could create the cover in the same dashboard and then launch my audio books. But this disadvantage doesn’t really matter because Audika focuses on producing high-quality content. And now there are free tools for you to create the cover

My Audika Review Concluded

If you leave my article and come back later, the price should be going up. I hope this review can give you a new slant toward Audika. You know that not many people let the cat out of the box and tell you how to make money and develop your business as it does, do not hesitate to pick it up now.


The Bonuses From My Website

Here’s how to claim the bonuses.

Step 1: Complete your purchase


Step 2: Forward Your Receipt To My Email “” (Then I’ll Manually Deliver it For You)

Thank you so much for your collaboration!

The Bonus List For FE (5 Packs)

Package 1:

Access The Training & Resources To Start Working In KDP Publishing



Package 2:

Level Up Your Online Business




Package 3:




More Content To Create Your Book


Package 05:




The OTO Bonus Section

If you purchase any OTO, please pick 3 packages you like for each OTO purchase

Extra Package 01: Video Materials

Part 1: Motion Graphics Pack




Part 2: Smart Animation Pro FE + OTO 1 + Launch Bonuses

You’re getting several sets of character to make videos of any marketing goals: sales video, whiteboard video, explainer video, tutorial video, etc. and then place on your video website for more traffic and sales converting



02: More More More Traffic

Traffic Generation is your struggle? No more worries! This bonus package will help you out!



Extra Package 03:

Cryptocurrency-Related Content



Learn Crypto Trading


04: The Necessary Weapons




05: Lead Generation Bonuses

Find it hard to generate leads for your campaigns? The bonus package below might help you with that!






Video Materials – Envidio YouTuber Things















11: SEO bonus


Extra Package 12:



13: Agency Marketing Kit




Huge Design-Bonus

Bonus #1: Over 8,500 Graphical Elements

This collection of Photoshop resource bundles contains over 8,500 graphic resources! It includes bundles of high-quality textures, patterns, shapes, gradients, vectors, backgrounds, brushes, color swatches, and more!

All files in this entire Mighty Deal of a bundle are completely royalty-free. That means you can use them for your personal and business projects without the need for any attribution.

Bonus #2: Create Professional Video Templates


Bonus #3: Create Stunning Portfolio with MarketCrush



Extra Package 15:




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Thank you again for reading my Audika review!

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