Become a VloggerDo you want to be a vlogger?  Want to create a YouTube vlog channel and make money from it? If so, you have just found the right address. What is a vlog and what does vlogging mean?

Although vlogging has become popular over the past few years, many people are still unfamiliar with the world of vlogging and have no idea what vlogging or vlogging means.

Vlog stands for a video blog or video log. It is basically a form of blog in which the medium is video. Vlogging refers to the process of creating vlogs, usually filming.

Here are the steps by mei-review to make vlogs and make money from vlogs on YouTube.


Step 1: Choose the right device to record a vlog

You can start with any video-capable device such as a smartphone, tablet, or webcam. However, we encourage you to use the camera because high-definition videos often attract more views and subscriptions.

With the camera, you can record high-definition videos and have good sound quality. In particular, most cameras now have built-in image stabilization, so the vlog will be of higher quality.

Step 2: Create a YouTube channel to become a true vlogger

After finding the right camera, you need to find a place to publish videos. YouTube is currently the most popular video-sharing platform for vloggers.  So we recommend that you create an account there.

To start creating a YouTube vlogging channel, go to the following address and follow the steps step by step.

Step 3: Record vlog

You already have a camera and YouTube channel to shoot and post vlogs. Now it’s time to start making your vlog.  In case you are not sure what vlog to do about it, our suggestion is that you can record what you do every day, your personal interests, what you think, and do some challenges or anything else.


Some tips for making the first vlog more engaging:

   +   Do not think too much about it, relax: You do not need to be too detailed in vlog planning. You simply shoot a video and say anything in your mind. Nature and honesty are the main factors that make a vlog close and engaging.

   +   Ensuring good light and sound quality: If you have chosen the right vlogging camera, this is not a problem. Make sure you speak clearly and do not leave any long silence in your vlog.

   +   Interact with the audience: The difference of vlog compared to other types of blog is that you can interact with the audience on a more personal level. So don’t just focus on vlog content, interact with viewers, ask for their opinions and be sure to respond to their comments on your vlog.


   +   End videos with a unique personal phrase: A lot of successful vloggers end their videos with unique personal phrases.  Therefore, you should also find the link phrase for yourself.  This makes your vlog more personal.  

Step 4: Edit the vlog

To make your vlog more professional, you should edit the videos you have recorded and cut out anything you don’t want to be in the vlog. There is a lot of free (and paid) software that can help you with this. If you have a Mac, you can use iMovie. If you own a Windows 10 computer, you can use the Photos app or any third-party video editing software you like.


There are lots of video tutorials on how to use these software on YouTube, so you definitely won’t have any difficulties getting used to them.

Step 5: Post vlog to YouTube

Now that you’ve basically finished the vlog, it’s time to upload it to YouTube:

  • Go to the YouTube website and click the Upload video button in the top right corner.
  • From here, YouTube will guide you through the entire process.
  • Choose a great title for the vlog and don’t forget to fill in the description and tag it so that more people can find the vlog.


Step 6: Promote the vlog

Now that your vlog is on YouTube, you should promote it to get more people watching your video. The easiest way to do this is to share your vlog on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social network you are active on. Also, reach out to people who might find your vlog interesting or other YouTubers. This is how quick you can become a truly vlogger


Step 7: Continue making vlogs

Your vlog may not have thousands of views at first, but don’t let that stop you. Schedule a vlog and post it to YouTube weekly or even daily and stick to it no matter what.

Stay connected with YouTubers, bloggers and all others on social networks. You can also collaborate with others. That way, your YouTube channel will grow a lot faster.


As the vlog gets more views, you get some negative comments. Don’t worry about being judged or commented negatively.  Criticizing others is easy, but you’re brave enough to shoot videos and introduce yourself on YouTube while those people are still afraid.  So, don’t pay attention to negative comments, focus on positive comments.

Step 8: Make money

As the number of subscribers to your channel increases and you get more views, that’s when you make money from your vlog. Sign up for the YouTube Partnership Program to start earning money from ads shown before or in your videos.


Note: YouTube does not allow you to monetize pirated videos. So don’t insert any songs, videos, images … you don’t own.

If you want to insert music, you can use YouTube’s free music library.

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