To become famous on YouTube start creating videos related to current trends. Keep adding new content and don’t forget to use tags.  It works by chatting with subscribers and watching other channels.  Finally, learn how to make great videos, and don’t forget to edit them. Follow this post with mei-review to find out more tips


Part 1: Create Big Buzz

1. Be the one to catch up with the times.  


If you make videos related to the news or popular products that people search online, you will have many opportunities to become famous. Always stay informed on your favorite topics and be ready to make and post videos after the news has been viral for 1-2 days. You have no idea when your video will succeed.

You can search for the latest popu culture topics on YouTube’s trending page, the hot topic on Twitter or even Google news.

2. Make feedback videos or imitations. 


Choose a popular YouTube video and make a feedback video or create an unexpected fun. Feedback and copy videos are very popular and a great way to take advantage of other people’s work. Your video will appear when people search for popular videos. Original video creators also love to see feedback and copy because they want the original to be even more popular.

  • Don’t forget to include the username you mentioned on the video title. This increases the likelihood that your video will appear on the “stream” section of the original video.
  • Don’t forget to use the correct tag so videos are found on the internet.
  • Making an autotune of a popular video is the easiest way to increase views and create instant hits.  

3. Meet people at the YouTube gathering.  


People will subscribe to your channel if they meet you in real life. YouTube Meetings are held all over the world and this is a great opportunity to attract attention, make friends and improve popularity. When you meet people who have subscribed to your channel, thank them and get to know each other.

  • People often make collaborative videos at YouTube gatherings. Be open and focused on participating in as many videos as possible!
  • Don’t be snobbish at a YouTube gathering. You are here to meet people who spend time watching your videos and want to meet you. Be approachable and friendly

4. Collaborate with famous YouTube users.  

Try to find celebrities at conferences or contact your favorite users directly via YouTube or Twitter. Ask them if they want to work with you on a video. This is a great way to become more popular and become a more prominent part of the YouTube community. A lot became famous by the way!

  • When contacting someone, you need to come up with ideas for collaborative videos. Please clarify the value when working together to make a video together
  • Find collaborators with style and audience that are close to yours. So the two sides can share the audience with each other.
  • Never disappoint your offer to work with you. The YouTube community is mainly about helping each other and sharing benefits.
  • If the person you want to collaborate with is far away from where you live, you can use Skype or video call to make a video together.
  • If you’re partnering with a YouTube user, try to make the video topic relevant to everyone and interesting to everyone.

5. Your video are suggested by YouTube


If you have a featured video, you have a chance to be nominated. This can help you become famous in a few days.

  • Keep in mind that videos with a steady stream of viewers and a good response from the audience will have a better chance of being selected.
  • To increase your chances of choosing a video, you need to make sure the video content contains the information people really care about and the title and description must be appropriate. 

6. Constantly updating new content. 

If you continually produce many interesting videos, providing mainstream content related to the lives of your viewers, you will eventually be recognized. Don’t give up if you’re not popular after a few months, or even after 1-2 years. Show your passion in every video and join YouTube, and one day you will become famous.

Part 2: Connecting with Viewers

1. Create an impressive YouTube channel. 


The channel interface can determine the success of your video, so don’t forget to edit it to impress!  Name the channel really catchy and hang the cover photo. Add a few short description lines to let readers know what you have to offer.

  • Choose a unique background image.
  • Replace covers and update descriptions every time you post a new video. Do not let things stagnate.
  • You can link to other websites in the description, this is how to promote yourself online.
  • Connect other social media accounts to YouTube so people can follow you. This helps you create your own community.

2. Video tag

This is the important part. Without proper tagging, no one will find your video! When posting on YouTube, you need to attach descriptive and specific tags. You don’t want to use the same tag as other people because their videos will overwhelm yours.


  • Choose keywords in the video – don’t get viewers to misunderstand with an unrelated keyword.
  • Use broad and specific tags to increase views. Tag the name of the person you mentioned in the video, keywords related to the topic, etc.
  • Find out what tags people often search for and use. You can refer to the website provides common tags.

3. Promote videos to acquaintances

If you don’t know them, don’t ask them to watch or link to your video. This is a mistake when using YouTube. You should only ask acquaintances and let views slowly increase. You may not be famous overnight, but if you persevere you will see the number of views increase.


  • Share videos on social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.
  • Do not disturb people you are not familiar with the links that lead to your video, whether on the wall or in the comments.
  • The last option is to buy views, but you should only do this after trying everything but still not delivering the expected results. 

4. Talk to the subscriber

To be famous, you need to respond to each comment one by one. This is a great way to build a new relationship with your subscribers. If someone sends you a message, reply to it!  If they ask for advice, advise them!  Be yourself and be friendly, you will attract more people.  Here are some suggestions for interacting with subscribers:

  • Friendly to subscribers who want to be friends. Spread the love to everyone!
  • Create a Twitter account and follow the people who subscribe to your YouTube channel. Interact with them often.

part 2

5. See other people’s channels

YouTube is a community where if you want to be famous, you need to be actively involved. Interact with other people on the wall, through messages, via Twitter or any other way. Give them positive feedback.


  • Make sure you watch the video before commenting. People will detect if you are fake, especially when you leave a link to your site.
  • Always remember your viewers when watching other channels. Like videos that your subscribers might be interested in. Video links help enhance your channel.
  • Refers to the YouTube users you make videos that respond to their original videos.

6. Make new videos once a week 

To ‘pull’ subscribers, you need to update your channel regularly.  If possible, make a specific schedule to let viewers know when the new content will be released. Making stable high quality videos and mainstream news coverage.

  • Combine pressing “like” other people’s videos and promoting content to your channel subscribers to keep them engaged until new videos are posted.
  • Connect with subscribers throughout the week, not just on the day you upload the video.
  • If you are unable to post videos on a specific day of the week, please record in advance and schedule.
  • Post as often as possible, the most popular users post videos daily.

Part 3: Making Good Videos

1. Be yourself 


It only takes 10 seconds for viewers to know if you made this video yourself. Are you funny, intense or sweet, bubbly? Whatever your personality, feel free to show it in the video. Just act as if you’re with family and friends, you need to be yourself in the video. If not, the viewers will find something else to entertain.

  • The first time making a video, everyone must be worried.  Try to treat the camera as a friend, or a sibling. Joking around or being deep in front of the camera like you would to them.
  • Do not be afraid to embarrass yourself! If you stumble or say something that is not funny, the viewer will still understand because you are a normal person. They do not go on YouTube to find Hollywood superstars. So make the related videos.
  • Do not imitate other people’s style. Find your own style and show it.

2. Bring to the audience great information

If you’ve ever seen popular YouTube videos, you have to know they’re interesting. Many people post good music, sincere advice or spend a few minutes chatting. What are you going to bring to the audience? Always keep this in mind when making videos.


  • What is your area of ​​expertise? Your life is the ideal starting point. Give advice based on personal experience, such as how to become popular with girls at school, how to kiss, play the guitar, build robots or straighten curly hair.
  • Express an opinion. Express your views on politics, pop news, sports, music, etc.
  • Bring out things that make people laugh.Make jokes, joke with a pet, imitate someone’s video, or show a celebrity’s expression.
  • Ask people at the end of the video to encourage them to leave a comment. This is how to build your own community.

3. Speak loudly and make eye contact

Speak as if you are in front of an audience. You need to speak clearly and make eye contact with viewers on Youtube. That will attract attention and make the video more interesting. Look straight at the office and speak clearly!

4. Making high quality video

On YouTube, no one expects your video to be perfect, but if the light is low and the sound quality is poor, you will lose your viewers. The best way to shoot good quality videos is to use standard. Many phones have good video recording functions, so it’s not too difficult to film. Whichever type of camcorder you use, follow these steps to improve video quality:

  • Turn on the light when shooting indoors. It will make the frame brighter, everything looks more vivid and interesting. Try turning on the lights in many different places in the room until you see the picture is okay. Make sure the face and details on the face are clear, the background is also not clear. Light should be on the opposite side of the camera.


  • Eliminate background noise. Turn off the air conditioner, do not allow dogs to bark, turn off the TV in the next room. Noise will reduce the video quality. Try to record in a room that doesn’t resonate.


5. Video editing

Use Movie Maker or other editing software to enhance video quality and make them more interesting. Edit videos that are about 4-5 minutes long, videos that are too long will be distracting unless it is really interesting. Please keep the following in mind when editing:


  • Use tools to pull light on the video. Frames should not be too dark and gloomy.
  • Cut the boring sections. You can cut out the faltering expressions, dumb expressions, coughing, sighing, or boredom to make the video shorter and more interesting.
  • Use text and music to show your personality. This is not really necessary, but if you add background music and insert text, the video will be more interesting. Perhaps you’ll get a notification that someone “likes” your video, along with a funny description of what you do in the video, don’t forget to promote it on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Your video may not be complete without the proper title and description, don’t forget to choose eye-catching thumbnail images. Add keywords and search terms to these fields to maximize the likelihood of the video being found.


  • Avoid using licensed music in your videos, choose from the YouTube music library.
  • Do not provide personal information, such as home address.
  • Make sure not to reveal any identification such as the view from the window, the front street of your home.
  • Do not post what you consider to be inappropriate, such as pornography. People may be offended and report your video.
  • Beware of copyright infringement.
  • Do not post comments on popular YouTube channel to get subscribers, this makes you look hopeless.

Thank you for reading this post. Don’t forget to check out the relevant post here.


Hopefully you will soon realize your dream – become famous on YouTube

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