Brand Building – In a saturated world with too many options and too little time to consider, the battle to regain customers’ attraction becomes extremely fierce. Most products in the same industry, one sector, have similar characteristics and quality. Therefore, convincing customers, to try, to buy and buy more times is not an easy task.

However, there are many famous brands in the world that have been able to create a large number of loyal customers thanks to branding only. So what is branding? And why is it important? Today mei-review will provide some useful information about this topic.


The Birth Of The Branding Term

Branding is a term that appeared in 350 AD, derived from the old Norwegian word “Brandr – on fire“. In the 1500s, the brand became a marker engraved on farmers’ cattle, as a means of marking ownership.

These simple icons have quickly evolved into today’s modern logos. However, branding today does not stop at designing a logo that looks beautiful and cool.

What is branding?

Branding is a combination of specific action steps to help you build brand development. If done right, branding will be a system of image elements, language, and customer experience to combine to contribute to create a block of brand emotions.


A Brand That Lives In The Mind Of Its Customers

A great brand model is Apple – the brand is considered the most successful in the world.

People say that Apple is a technology company, but not, Apple is a marketing company.” John Sculley, former Apple CEO, spoke to The Guardian newspaper in 1997. “It’s a marketing company of the century.” No one can understand this better than Steve Jobs, who brought Apple back on the edge of a crash in the 1990s.


Steve Jobs understands that to have a good brand strategy, you must ensure three factors: cohesion, consistency and clarity. From these three things, a brand can create a strong enough bond with its customers.

Although it may sound like a fiction and not feasible, the story of branding must always be strictly controlled by businesses. In the words of Steve Jobs, “The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing.” – brand marketing is to create opportunities to remember.


Why is Branding Needed ?

Brand or “branded” – if you are not active in brand positioning, the market and users will do it instead. And of course, it can be positive or negative. Here are a few reasons you need to do branding.

Reason 1: Branding helps you to be different from your competitors

If you are working in the field of design, want to learn and buy new laptop products, will you immediately think of Apple models? As a brand, Apple has spent most of its time and money creating an image for products of great interface and superior features. Many people choose the Macbook for design purposes because in their perception, there are no other brands that stand out with equivalent products in this niche market.


Why? Apple’s ‘I’m a Mac’ campaign has convinced customers that they are the best choice when it comes to personal laptop products. A clear evidence that when customers have many different options, branding will help them make the most appropriate decisions.

Reason 2: Branding helps increase the value of the benefits you bring

There are several reasons why customers are willing to pay more to use Apple products than competitors. Apple’s 1984 campaign not only paved the way for an era of creative advertising at the Super Bowl, but also allowed Apple itself to price its computer products higher than competitors.

Since then, all of Apple’s campaigns have focused on delivering the same message – Apple is a symbol of vision and future when compared to rival “silly” products.

Reason 3: Branding creates the link between customers and brands

Media art helps you interact well with customers, creating certain emotions. Apple’s advertising campaign using celebrities has contributed to the image of a luxury and high-end brand. It becomes the dream of those who can’t afford it, and even the symbol for Apple users’ “status”.


Reason 4: Branding helps build loyal customers

The Apple brand maintains consistency across all brand touches, from customer care to honesty in all communications. And what makes Apple able to build loyal customers is the creation of the need for Apple products.

The iPhone has never been a revolutionary product in the smartphone industry. However, by creating an integrated environment of all Apple products, it has created a perfect and convenient ecosystem for customers. This results in leave them with no other choices but Apple.


What Are Considered As The Important Factors In Branding ?

The first important element in branding is the “mission and vision” of the brand. Consider the brand’s mission as the “brain”, while the brand’s vision is the “heart”. The brain will help you manage and determine the purpose of the business. And the heart will help the brand inspire and motivate long-term goals in the future.

This is followed by a brand handbook – an important document to demonstrate the business goals; the difference to the competitors; the benefits and value to customers; and the implementation ideas for the marketing campaigns in the future.

Remember that brand handbooks can be updated in the future as businesses grow or change their direction. An example of Firefox:


Good Branding Is Synonymous With Good Marketing

Every product has a limited life cycle, but brands – if well managed – can last forever. And once you have clearly identified what your brand is, enterprises will be able to choose a more appropriate direction.

To promote their products in the target market, no one can deny the importance of market research and analysis before deciding on a marketing budget. Should your strategy focus on traditional marketing like radio and billboard, or are your potential customers located on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube?

Marketing can be mixed in many cases, but it is also important to consider the performance and internal resources of the business before choosing the media channels.

Apple, for example, doesn’t spend any money on paid advertising, but instead focuses primarily on advertising products on TVs, movies or television shows.



In summary, marketing is a process that helps bring you customer information and business revenue, but branding is the foundation to build value and potential customers. Please keep in mind that, if you work as a digital marketer, your job is to enhance the brand value of the business you are promoting and to generate a constant flow of leads along with goodwill.

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