Childcare Champion Marketing System Review – Neutralize The Competition And Focus On A Profitable Hidden Niche

Welcome to my Childcare Champion Marketing System review today,

For many people, service businesses would have been the best choice right from the ‘get-go’. They enjoy much higher margins than retail stores and have much less fixed overhead. However, many local consultants and want-to-be-consultants are having a hard time landing clients that actually can and will pay them

So here I am going to recommend a niche for you that has the 4 big criteria for success, including relatively high customer prices and good margins, growing demand, easy-to-reach these businesses, and almost zero marketing knowledge. It is Childcare!

Since Covid, childcare centers are expected to have higher health standards to satisfy the government and parents. Parents are also generally willing to pay more for the right daycare option, and usually, they’re very thorough in their research to find what’s best for their child. So, as you can see, the first observation we ought to make is there is a strong demand for childcare services.

But with so many childcare options available nowadays, how can centers get their daycare name and brand out there? This is where you will jump in and offer your service as a local consultant.

I am confident that when using the specialized methods from this training called Childcare Champion Marketing System, you can get fast results and good consultant fees with access to so many new marketing tools for your career progression!


Childcare Champion Marketing System Review – The Launch Overview



Childcare Champion Marketing System

CreatorJeanne Kolenda, Uncle Bruce
Front-End Price$37
Launch Date11:00 AM EST, 2023-MAR-23
Visit The Official Website Click Here
BonusHuge Bonuses at the end of the Childcare Champion Marketing System review
SkillAll Levels
GuaranteeNo money-back guarantee!
NicheTraining Courses
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

What Is This Training About?

This special marketing training covers what you need to know to land these childcare center clients easily. It’s proven to work!

Starting immediately, the experts will show you exactly step-by-step how to develop a steady lead flow of the best childcare centers with their marketing methods. After that, at some point, you’ll sit back and watch the “client flies” swarm around you like you’re the only game in town.

Childcare Champion Marketing System Review – What Will You Be Taught Inside This Course?

So here is a brief list of what you are going to discover with this one-of-a-kind Childcare Champion Marketing System:

56-page Marketing Guide To Find and Close Childcare Centers 

  • The #1 goal of most childcare center owners/directors
  • The simple way to triple your childcare lead flow
  • The techniques that stop price discounting
  • Red flags to watch out for!
  • Why calling yourself a “consultant” can actually repel clients from you
  • Best way to create a “sense of urgency”
  • How to use “golden handcuffs” to keep childcare center clients with you
  • “How to sell” videos

Email Marketing Templates To Contact Childcare Centers.

You don’t know how to start a conversation with business owners? These templates help you to immediately appear as a professional consultant, get noticed, and build trust.

Materials You Can Make Use to Get Paid By Childcare Center Owners

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • 60 childcare social media images with comments for posting
  • WordPress website template for childcare centers, professionally done, hot off the press



Once you learn these little tricks, childcare clients get easier and eventually can turn into a flood of opportunities. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, because this course will show you every sweet step to succeed in today’s local market.


Why Should You Grab This Opportunity?

First of all, there are many local consultants and want-to-be consultants who are having a hard time landing clients that actually can and will pay them. It is because they have not developed the confidence yet to get their first client if they chase big clients. Instead, if you go after the low-hanging easy fruit like childcare centers, which are still money in the bank and it builds your confidence, with the provided information and assets inside this training course, you will be destined to gain success.

What you will learn in this course will help you to be able to offer them high-quality service by showcasing their high standards and expertise, marketing can enable centers to raise fees and attract more affluent parents as well as provide strong, steady marketing, which can also give key exposure to better childcare workers looking for employment.

Furthermore, one of the big advantages of this ‘hidden niche’ is the clients are all under contract and stay with the service for many months, usually an entire season

So all in all, the childcare center business is ripe for more aggressive and professional marketing and you can be the agency to deliver it. Let’s see how other people are making fantastic success utilizing the resources from this.



How Much Do You Have To Pay For It?

FE Package

I am delighted to tell you the good news that in this special launch, you will pay only $37 for the entire course, training guide, WordPress Theme, videos, social media images, and the whole work.

To be honest, $37 barely covers the cost of the time spent organizing this material and producing all the bonuses, let alone the other expenses like PayPal processing, the cost of hosting your membership site, graphic designers and content writers, and the WordPress Theme. Therefore, it is a golden chance for you to jump on board while this incredible offer is still around.


Not stopping there, as a special thank you for joining in the first 48 hours of this launch, there will be a bonus package sent to you for free. So, make sure you grab this opportunity while it is still available:


Childcare Champion Marketing System Review – The Upsells

And finally, let’s take into consideration the upsells as followed:

OTO 1: $57

  • 120 more social media graphics
  • Canva training will help you edit these images

OTO 2: $77

  • 90 childcare social media videos
  • 90 childcare social media video comments
  • 3 custom-made newsletter templates with content on them
  • 10 more editable templates that you can use with your clients

What Are The Pros And Cons?


  • Build your agency faster
  • Receive massive bonuses
  • Affordable price
  • Hot niche to capitalize on
  • The experts show you every sweet step to succeed in today’s local market


There is none.

Childcare Champion Marketing System Review – Conclusion

With the way childcare centers are entering the field and new businesses starting up, you’ve got a real shot at making income pretty quickly. This is by far the key to succeeding in today’s marketing consultant environment.

Let’s not hesitate any longer and grab this amazing opportunity while it is available!

Besides this marketing service for Childcare center owners, are you interested in other services that can make you money? If yes, please take some minutes to go through my bonus section. These bonuses are organized into different categories so that you can choose what’s most suitable for your career path:

My Bonuses & How To Claim:

Step 1: Complete your purchase


Step 2: Forward Your Receipt To My Email “” (Then I’ll Manually Deliver it For You)

Thank you so much for your collaboration!


1/ Resources Help You Sell Digital Marketing Services To Business Owners

Special Bonus 1: Upwork Profile Academy

It provides you with a proven framework for improving your profile, getting more interested Upwork clients, and increasing your Upwork earnings

This allows you to generate more clients, while the following bonuses help you to sell more services. This combination is great, isn’t it?

Special B0nus 2: (Ad Service) Animated Ads Design Templates

210 ready-made templates that are perfect for video promo, google ads, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or any online ads promotion platform

Special B0nus 3: (Social Media Content Marketing Service) 

Built-in multi-channel composer to easily create beautiful images, articles, and blog social posts with a special content-assistant AI

Special B0nus 4: (VSL Video Creation Service) 

Creating pro-quality VSL Videos & Animated scenes with a huge library including transitions, animated scenes, infographics, and motion elements

Special B0nus 5: (Real Estate Website Design Service)

The worldwide popular WordPress theme for real estate agents and companies. Houzez is a super flexible starting point for professional designers to create top-notch designs.

2/ 9 Method To Use ChatGPT To Create Side Hustles

  • ChatGPT Print Money Method: Create and list profitable Print-on-demand products from scratch
  • ChatGPT Book Profits: Produce and sell popular children’s books using free-to-use AI technology
  • ChatGPT Freelance Serenity System: Effortlessly generate gigs, content & sales using ChatGPT & the hidden tactics
  • ChatGPT Chrome Extension Builders: Easy-to-follow method has ChatGPT create concepts & code for you
  • ChatGPT Doodle Diamond Discovery: Create a script for doodle videos using ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT Tiget Traffic Tactic: Unleash the Tiger to drive an absurd amount of traffic to your sites
  • ChatGPT Voice of Authority: Get ChatGPT to write in the expert tone you need with this trained voice kit
  • 200 Essential Prompts For Digital Marketers
  • 30 ChatGPT Prompts for An Instant Google Traffic Bump

3/ Content Package


There are 2 parts of this package that I want to offer you. Overall, you will get over 100 ebook products that cover attention-grabbing topics such as Health, Beauty, Making Money Online (MMO), Self-Help, etc. They are now being sold separately, not the random content that I download from the internet. 

I also describe each one in a very detailed way. So, you can click to view the description:

>>>Content About MMO & Self-Help<<<

>>>Content About Health, Fitness, Personal Development<<<

4/ Traffic Generation Package



5/ Stand Out From Social Media

Use can use this page to offer design services. Help Local Business Owners (from many niches) get more attention from their audience:


Social Media Porfolio


If you do not like 5 packs above, you can choose 5 alternative packages from my bonus page below:




Thank you again for reading my Childcare Champion Marketing System review!

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