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Welcome to my DFY AI Review!

In business today, the term AI is used to describe software that is capable of learning and getting better at doing its job without input from humans. This means that while we’ve become used to using machines to help us with the heavy lifting, now they can start to help us with jobs that require thinking and decision-making, too.

The rise in social media marketing and our growing appetite for online content has made content-based marketing the dominant form of marketing in many industries. AI lends a hand here by helping us work out what type of content our customers and potential customers are interested in and what the most efficient ways are to distribute our content to them.

In today’s special review, I am going to introduce to you an excellent product that can help you connect to AI, the newest version of GPT-TURBO, and basically learned how to actually make money with AI in March 2023. It is called DFY AI.

You can create: software, chrome extensions, articles, sales letters, videos, voice-overs, photos, graphics, slides, PDF reports, websites, affiliate reviews, prompts, icons + more – all with this single AI app.

So are you excited yet, let’s spend a few minutes getting to know this product through my detailed review!


About The Product

The core software of DFY AI lets you profit with 30x 100% done for your AIs. This all-in-one suite uses three AI’s let you automate all of the core moneymaking systems

>>>View The Product Official Webpage<<<

Chris X, the developer of this software, started out just like every other local marketer, with little resources and some ambition to build a better life for himself. But until now, he has many years of experience, has serviced hundreds of clients in a wide variety of niches and these days has a huge number of students benefiting from his products. He has been through the ups and downs while certainly learning a thing or two along the way.

Here are some of his successful previous launches that you may have heard of: AI & ChatGPT Whisperer, Pushable, Affiliate BOTS 2.0, Traffic BOTS, 7 Click Affiliate, Affiliate BOTS, and the list goes on.

DFY AI Review – What Can You Get From This Package?

Steal The Hacks That Made People $100/Day

Turn AI words into $100 paydays. Firstly, they will give you the 50X exact secret AI commands (prompts) as copy-paste templates that they use to make $100-400 per day over the last 12 weeks – with ClickBank, WarriorPlus, Upwork & more.

You can just paste these into GPT yourself, or combine them with the new software app

AI is much more than ChatGPT, and the first thing you will want to do is read the DFY AI eBook. Think of it as the de-facto book on profiting with AI right now.

They made over $20 million online, spent over $2 million building software, have been playing with AI since 2018, and have spent the last 3 months in the GTP cave. Let them break it all down and make you an advanced money-making bull nerd robot in minutes.

Deploy the New ChatGPT Software – The “DFY AI” App

With this DFY AI review software, you can 10x the speed and 100x the potential profits you get with Chat GPT. This works for any business or website. If you’re feeling left behind, then get this app and leapfrog into 2025 – you’re about to be amazed.

In addition, let’s take a look at just a small selection of the 30 assets you can create with the software:

1/ Complete 10,000 Word, PDF eBooks & Reports

DFY AI runs a two-step prompt to create super high-quality valuable reports for ANY niche (just by pasting in text from your website). It of course lets you brainstorm topics and titles first, and prepares a very thorough table of contents and summary. So you can edit your structure before clicking the magic button to make your prompt.

2/ $2,000 Google Chrome Extensions

The creator used this prompt to get GPT to make a upsell 3 of Whisperer (that made the developer over $6k!). Did I just say that the DFY AI app can create brand-new Chrome extensions, from scratch, for any niche? And you just paste in some text from the website (or niche) you want the extension for?

3/ $50 Stock-Level Images Including Vectors & Photos

Just paste in a few words and the AI will do the rest. If you missed the “Image Whisperer” product (upsell 1 of AI Whisperer). This will show you how Dall-E can spit out stock-level images if you give it the right prompts.

4/ Expert Level MidJourney Prompts

The AI will create world-beating MidJourney prompts for any niche. These prompts are a mix of keywords from your niche (selected by the AI based on specific rules I give it) and also some additional prompts that work particularly well on MJ (styles, aspect ratios, filters, etc.), which again the AI selects based on the formula he hands it.

5/ Viral Tweets Based on Today’s (Google) News

Copy-paste some text from Google News and watch as the AI selects the best topic and then writes a pithy viral tweet, with hashtags

6/ Brand-New eCom products

The AI literally creates entire eCom products. Paste some text about your website. Then the AI will extract keywords, insert them into dozens of different proven eCom designs (that made millions on Spring, Zazzle, etc.). Then select the best ones and serve them to you on a platter.

He is including software to make the design, then you can sell them on an eCom platform or your own Shopify store.

7/ Pro-Level Affiliate Reviews

The tool creates affiliate reviews from scratch, either for your video script or to add to websites.

8/ Affiliate Bonus Reports

The AI will also recommend perfect bonus reports to give away to people who buy through your affiliate link (and then of course it will create them for you too)

2,000 Words SEO Mega-Articles – the core use case for many a Chat-GPT user. But this bad boy spits out monster 1,000 to 2,000-word articles, structured in a very deliberate way, based on clear SEO guidelines that “white-hat” mega-sites follow. The difference here? You just in a bit of text, choose the topic you want, pick a title, and get your article back out.

9/ AI Detection Breaker

Google has said they don’t penalize AI content “per se” – they only penalize low-quality content. Given that you’ll be spitting out ultra-high-quality content, focused on high-volume buyer keywords by default, you should be good.

But, in case you’re extra nervous, simply paste any article into this box and click “go” and they will make it superhuman readable. This confused all the AI detectors in our tests, actually improved readability, and takes the average AI test from “60-80% AI” to “5-20% AI

10/ Websites (Bridge Pages)

If you’re still in shock at the idea of AI creating Chrome extensions or eCom products. Then this will stun you. Here we are just going to paste some text (from a sales page we want to promote), add the affiliate link, and when we click go

The AI will build us a brand-new landing page with style sheets, professional sales copy even some eye-catching JavaScript! This is the EXACT lander my affiliates run on Google PPC. Compliant, high-converting, classy, and made by AI in 2 clicks?

11/ AI-Generated Video Clips with Stable Diffusion

Are you copying some text from an affiliate website you want to promote, spinning it with a weird AI prompt, then pasting the JSON code into a cloud-based install of a diffusion-based video creation AI engine?

Then using the MP4 it makes to bank you $300 commissions in an hour. Just paste some text here and the AI tech does the rest.

12/ Instant Slide-Video From Any MP3

“OK Chris, so let me get this straight. I have an MP3, right? And what you’re saying is, with this prompt, you will give me a slide animation, with timings perfectly synced, and up to 100 slides of text, styled and laid out perfectly”. Yes, that is what I am saying.

13/ YouTube to YouTube Video Spinner

“OK and what you’re saying here Chris, is that there is a way to take a YouTube video I want to model after, any YouTube video and. Use the AI to create an entirely new, unique, respun version of that video. And the AI will even suggest 3x new titles for me?”

14/ Freelance Automator

You could find a job on a freelance site that you want to win, copy the job description, paste it into the AI, and then AI writes out a full response to the client (with details and questions specific to the job), and it even creates a prompt which you can use to then get another AI to fulfill the job for you (oh and add a prompt which instantly can deliver a sample of the job if you feel like spending another 30 seconds to make a sample for the client before the job starts)

15/ VSL Script Creator

DFY AI lets you create instant VSL sales scripts (broken down into 10x separate steps), just by copy-pasting text into the AI

16/ Pro-Level Headline Generator

Other AI copy tools can’t compete with this. Paste some text from any website, hit go, and watch as the AI hands you 3x Jedi-level direct marketing headlines as if written by masters like Gary Halbert.



Let me walk you through the software quickly to see how powerful it is in creating content assets.

This is the “A.I. Cheat-Code” software that can automatically create content for your different purposes:


DFY AI Review allows you to brainstorm and write articles, reports, ebooks, and tweets. All you need to do is paste the input content from other sources and click the “Ask AI” buttons to get the ideas & titles:


For creating tweets, DFY AI even puts in tags that help to push to tweets on top:


DFY AI also helps you to create websites, bridge pages, video scripts, and more:


If you are looking for ways to create a simple but working bridge page like below to promote hot Clickbank products, this software gets you covered:


Simply copy and paste into the box together with your affiliate link, DFY works on the rest giving the micro-copy and the HTML:


And that’s all! You have a bridge page that includes a title, a sub-title, an image, the content, and the button with your affiliate link:



There are more things you can do with this software. And the demo video below will show you more details:

DFY AI Demo Video:

Why Do I Recommend This Product To You?

First and foremost, it is very easy to get started with DFY AI. That is, all you need to do is paste some text in from a website you want to profit from and the AI will give you assets for this niche. You can try graphics, websites, articles, eBooks, vectors, and even make software, Chrome extensions, and audiobooks.

In addition, with the 30x pre-loaded prompt sequences, you can leverage A.I. tech better than any other marketer & in the process unlocks the true edge you’ve been waiting for since you first googled “make money online”.

Also, the final page in this package may actually just be a long gallery of proof shots for your preference. The tool builds 30x web assets, including not just feeble $5 articles, but actual $200 websites, $1,000 chrome extensions, and even $5k software tools.

In all, in this special product, the creator is pushing GPT to its token limit with all of this so that you can expect results for Google, email, ClickBank, Warrior, Upwork, freelancers, traffic, affiliate, launches, promos, all the good stuff.

DFY AI Review – How Much Do You Have To Pay For This?

FE Package

From the previous sections, you might know already that DFY AI is an exclusive, first-to-the-market software that you can’t find anywhere else. Every aspect of DFY AI has been created for your convenience and to give you the best podcasts, with huge listening figures, and to generate even bigger revenue streams.

So, to become a DFY AI and build your reputation, I urge you to grab your lifetime access to DFY AI now at a bargain price of only $17 and get access to all the main features I elaborated on above. Let’s take a look again at what you will get:


However, as soon as this launch period gets over, the price will be rightfully raised to its actual without any doubts at all so make sure to act in time for the cheap price now.

Even if you have the slightest doubt in your mind, they would like to assure you that the 100% money-back guarantee is there by your side. Just give it a try for the next 30 days, and if you get the feeling that this app isn’t living up to your expectations, they will refund your full money with zero questions asked.


And the value doesn’t end there, if you act now, you’ll also get free bonuses as following in this special launch:


DFY AI Review – The Upsells

In case you want to make more money and make use of all the features, you can buy the upgrades as followed:

Upsell 1: DFY NFT Pro/Unlimited Edition ($47)

Firstly, unlock the ability to run even more prompts and even longer prompts  – increasing the speed and potential profits by 500%!

Second, access 5x extra profitable prompt sequences and systems that aren’t included in the front end.

Upsell 2: Prompt To Profit Package ($97)

2-part software suite. The first is a Chrome extension that lets you extract tags from any website (ahem, let’s say, a website that may have media we could create similar media to). Then it saves these tags into history and turns them into prompts.

Finally, you paste these prompts into a custom AI tool (software tool #2, a cloud-based app) and instant AI content, based on the EXACT tags that were taken from these particular sites.

Upsell 3: Elite AI Video Suite ($97)

If you get this Video AI suite, including multiple software tools, a new AI Chrome extension, and an entire video course hosting platform with resell rights

Upsell 4: AI Whisperer Gold Edition ($17)

Really at this point, everyone should have AI Whisperer, but on the off chance someone didn’t, the guilt of them not having the de facto primer on generative AI would send me into a depression.

Offered here at a small ticket with some extra bells and whistles. As a kind thank you to all the affiliates who promoted Whisperer v1, and since I want as many people to get this as possible, this will pay out 90% commissions.

Upsell 5: Push Pro AI Edition ($97)

Your very own push auto-responder but powered by AI? Build unlimited leads of web push subscribers then use AI to turn any website into a web push subscription.

Considering Pros And cons


  • Includes new “DFY AI” software (cloud-based app – connects to GPT-3, ChatGPT + dalle)
  • Watch as the app creates 30x instant income-generating assets “behind the scenes”
  • This automates the exact systems/tactics that make me $100-$4,000 per day
  • Monster prompts preloaded, API models preloaded & configured output sequences and chains pre-set.
  • All you need to do is paste some text from your website
  • DFY AI creates “generational-wealth-level” internet assets: entire eCom products, google chrome extensions, cloud-based software tools
  • Make money with ChatGPT, MidJourney, OpenAI & many more.


  • Up till now, there are no bugs to fix.

Who Is The Best Fit For This Product?

No matter who you are, this tool will be the core role leading to your instant success. Because there are many brilliant features inside, these can correspond with any job. I do believe that this software will work at full capacity. Some of the professions listed below should buy it first:

  • A freelancer
  • Anyone who spends a lot of time on social network
  • A newbie
  • A marketer
  • A digital marketer
  • An affiliate site owner
  • A small business owner
  • A Blogger, Youtuber
  • A person who wants to get a passive and extra income
  • A person who doesn’t have much time but wants to make money from affiliate marketing

DFY AI Review – Conclusion

Thank you for your time reading my review. I hope I have given you enough information to clear up any hesitation about purchasing this amazing product. With that in mind, the final decision is yours to make. All to your success and see you in my next review!

The Exclusive Freebies From My Team & How To Claim

Step 1: Complete your purchase


Step 2: Forward Your Receipt To My Email “bonusesfrommei@gmail.com” (Then I’ll Manually Deliver it For You)

Note: If you already had my bonuses, please visit my bonus page (https://mei-review.com/category/bonuses/) to choose the alternative packages

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The Bonus List For FE (5 Packs)

Package 1:

The Resources To Deliver Content Creation Service


Package 2:

Agency Marketing Kit



Package 03:


Generate More Traffic with Social Media & Video Marketing




Level Up Your Online Business




The Bonus List For OTO






Extra Package 01: Video Materials

Part 1: Motion Graphics Pack




Part 2: Smart Animation Pro FE + OTO 1 + Launch Bonuses

You’re getting several sets of characters to make videos of any marketing goals: sales video, whiteboard video, explainer video, tutorial video, etc., and then place them on your video website for more traffic and sales converting



Extra Package 02: More More More Traffic

Traffic Generation is your struggle? No more worries! This bonus package will help you out!




Cryptocurrency-Related Content



Learn Crypto Trading


04: The Necessary Weapons




05: Lead Generation Bonuses

Find it hard to generate leads for your campaigns? The bonus package below might help you with that!






Video Materials – Envidio YouTuber Things















12: SEO bonus


Extra Package 13:





Thank you again for reading my DFY AI review!

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