Email Marketing Tools – considered as the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, email marketing helps turn leads into customers, consistently winning out over all other marketing channels.

In this post, I will walk you through the fundamental knowledge as well as widely-used tools so that you can acquire leads and generate sales, 24/7.



What Is Email Marketing ?

Email marketing is simply a form of using email to promote any product or service. But recently there has been a new definition of email marketing: building relationships with your target audience.

Email marketing is a small channel in the overall marketing environment on the internet, including the forms of sending emails via website, social networks, blogs, etc.

However, the abuse of email can instantly turn your brand into a genuine spammer. This annoys your target customers, and that’s when you are wrong about how to do your email marketing.

The main purpose of email marketing is for businesses to interact with their customers with specific marketing messages.

How To Have An Effective Campaign ?

Question: How many of you have signed up for a free trial of the software but then unsubscribed as soon as you receive an email marketing?

Most people have been like this at least once. The main reason is because mail marketing can be so bad that the software is not so good. For software companies, this is a painful problem. Email is the blood of many software vendors, so losing subscribers (followers) will make achieving sales goals so far.

Let’s take a look at 3 factors that help increase the efficiency of your Email Marketing here:

1. Email subject lines should be clear and concise

Recipients know what they are about to read in the mail, so don’t worry when the subject line doesn’t include the content. It creates the expectation in the customers that you will give them what you say. Let email marketing really be itself, nothing more, nothing less.


Example:Welcome to [company name]“.

For example: Vero is a company specializing in providing Email Marketing software. The company did exactly the same with the email sent to customers after registering to their blog. The title is: “Welcome to the Vero blog“. The recipient is reminded of the page they registered (information from the blog), where it came from (Vero) and this is the first Email from Vero (the word “Welcome / Welcome” is a sign for that)

2. Call-to-action messages throughout Email

A lot of Email marketing only reminds information or contains too many links, causing readers to stop right after the first few lines.

Try putting a single line of calls to action into your email.

Next time, try putting a link for readers to log in to their new account, or a reminder message about a feature that solves the problem they are interested in. If not, then keep it as simple as possible.

For example: Vero

You may have noticed that Vero’s welcome email goes against this view and has more than one CTA in it. Yet they are extremely simple so readers can choose to read or skip.

– The first CTA contains a link to Vero’s About Us page. That page is linked, so the reader has the option to view the page or continue reading.

– The second CTA carries a list of blog posts. They continue to simply quote, and the reader can still read them immediately or for another time.

– The third CTA, and finally, an email address set to receive feedback from customers when they have questions that need answers.

There are up to 3 CTAs in 1 email, but it’s all very simple. This is the key to keep in mind when running email marketing campaigns.


For example: Tictail

Below we give a better example of a CTA in a mail marketing. We will take a look at Tictail – a company that brings e-commerce software solutions. After registering, readers are invited to visit their dashboard page immediately. Very simple and neat, with beautiful interface that attracts users to click.


3. Photos and comments create unity

To avoid getting spam, you need to pay special attention to creating email marketing so that they are not spam. However, that does not mean you should ignore the current brand characteristics then the recipient will not know where you are from and why you appear in their mailbox.

Things to note: Colors, logos, fonts, company names … All must reflect what is on your website.

For example: Buffer

Buffer has done a great job with email marketing and using logos, fonts and colors.

This is Buffer’s main website:


And this is email marketing:


For example: Shopify

Shopify’s welcome email is similar to Buffer, also written in the same tone when they talk to the audience, specifically here are business owners.

This is their main website:


And here is the welcome email:


4. Tip bonus for you: Do not rush to send email marketing immediately

You can send an email as soon as the guest has registered. You want to make sure that you are friendly with the customers. But sometimes doing so creates a negative feeling about your software company.

Why? Because those emails in the user’s eyes are a form of automated emails. Especially when you are in a completely different time zone. There is no reason that you can send personal mail at 3 am in your time zone.

What to do: Send a quick email to confirm your registration, and it’s just as simple as that. Just a short sentence: “Thanks for signing up. Our referral email will be sent to you soon” or something like that. Then send email marketing to guests during your office time, regardless of where the user is.

You will thus create a sense of personalized writing and email delivery, even though it may be an automated mail. Customers who use your software sense that, and thus increase their likelihood of becoming loyal customers. Even if they know the welcome email is sent automatically, they still have a feeling that is not. This is a sense of special care we all like. That’s why personal email works better than others.

5 Automatic Email Marketing Tools

Are you looking for tools with a nice interface that automatically send emails, add images, go straight to “inbox” instead of advertisements? Here are 5 useful tools for you:

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the automated email marketing tools that is extremely easy to use and has very advanced features. And above all, the price of this tool is also very reasonable.


The highlight of Active Campaign is that it has a great CRM system for managing samples, automatic marketing to turn potential customers into real customers. In short, it is a platform covering all jobs related to sale and marketing.

The cost of using ActiveCampaign is about $9 / month. For listings with around 100,000 contact information, you will pay ActiveCampaign $ 369 / month. Also you can use them for 14 days.

2. GetResponse

In second place, is the GetResponse tool. So what’s great about this email marketing tool?


The price of GetResponse is also quite reasonable. The friendly platform is easy to use as well as access to your existing data sources.

The tool comes with 500+ pre-designed email templates (all optimized for the phone), making it easy for new users to create amazing email delivery and auto-responder interfaces. GetResponse customer care and support is also very good. The user issues are resolved quickly.

For users with higher needs, GetResponse also has A / B testing features to support. Whether you want to measure different parts such as content, subject, sender, or even sending time, GetResponse makes it easy to test it.

There are also a lot of other features that GetResponse owns, discover the experience right away.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is also an email creation and autoresponder tool that is widely used by users. The fact that Mailchimp is not appreciated as highly as GetResponse. Because it does not own too many outstanding features, but the price is almost twice as expensive as GetResponse.


However, Mailchimp also possesses certain advantages. The interface is designed very standard and easy to use for everyone. Moreover, the functions of the tool work extremely smoothly.

Best of all, Mailchimp is the only email marketing tool that offers a 100% free account. So, if you’re only planning to send a few dozen to a few hundred emails, Mailchimp is a great tool. In addition, Mailchimp’s system can be integrated with many other units such as WordPress, Hubspot, Facebook, …

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a late born tool, but recently in the blog community, this email marketing tool has become increasingly popular.


Designed specifically for bloggers, ConvertKit includes many unique tools to help bloggers easily build lists and promote the content of their posts. You will immediately be attracted to the first time you visit ConvertKit by the design of this tool. The focus on every little detail enhances the meticulousness and care of the design team.

The basic features of automatic email are included in the tool. Moreover, the tool also provides extremely detailed numbers such as the horizontal bars showing how many followers you have, What traffic source they come from.

Finally ConvertKit can integrate and use by many different audiences such as authors, publishers, and bloggers.

5. Aweber

Despite the old-fashioned interface, Aweber still top the 5th leading email marketing tools due to its reasonable cost and ease of use. It includes all the features that you need to use but doesn’t go too deep into each function.


Aweber builds reports to help you find out what’s working and what’s not. Email marketing campaigns are all set up from fill-in form to email form.

If you need to use it more deeply, Aweber also has functions such as A / B testing, measuring, and distributing campaign groups to each target. Help you easily compare and improve the ability to open email and interact with mail.

Aweber also provides auto-response, RSS, and third-party integration, including WordPress.

With this tool, you will pay about $ 19 / month and send unlimited emails to about 500 followers.


Email Marketing is not simple to perform well. Some software companies fill these emails with information that makes customers want to run away immediately. Successful companies welcome new users simply, sincerely and directly, as well as take care of their customers by sending emails written and delivered on time, bringing in really useful information.

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