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Google Images Helps Increase Traffic Through Image Search

Google Images Helps Increase Traffic Through Image Search

The latest update for Google Images is creating a new way for website owners to increase traffic with their photos.

Google is adding more context to images in image search results. This gives website owners a new opportunity to increase traffic through image search.

Just launched this week, a new feature in Google Images, Google also shared what will appear in images.

The information about people, places or things related to images taken from Google’s Knowledge Graph and displayed below the image when the user clicks on it.

The Knowledge Graph is Google’s semantic database. This is where the entities are put in relation to each other, attributes are assigned and placed in a topic context or an Ontology.


More contexts means more clicks?

Google says Google Images aims to help searchers explore topics in more detail.

One of the ways searchers can explore topics in more detail is visiting the website where images are found and presented.

The added context is likely to make the image more compelling to click. Google has added meta descriptions to image search results.

Results in Google images derived from the website. But the corresponding events for each image taken from Google’s knowledge scheme.

We can imagine as simple as images from your website provided by you. But the relevant information is provided by Google, such as Google may provide information from Wikipedia.

On the one hand, that gives website owners a little control over the information displayed under their images in search results.

On the other hand, Google is providing searchers with more information about images that are likely to attract more clicks to image sources.

Perhaps the best part of this update is that it requires no action on the website owner.

More opportunities to increase traffic


If you are lucky enough to have content included in the Google’s Knowledge Graph, you now have more opportunities for those links to appear in search results.

The Google said: The facts in the knowledge chart come from many sources that synthesize factual information. In addition to public sources, we are licensed to provide information such as sports scores, stock quotes and weather forecasts.

We also receive factual information directly from content owners in a variety of ways. Include from people who proposed changes to the knowledge sheet they came up with.

Providing a Google Knowledge Graph for your business is a must if you haven’t already done so. Local businesses will gain the most from this update.

This is especially true if you are running a business that requires lots of images to upload to the website.

After that, the information about your knowledge map, along with a link, will likely be displayed below the images in Google search results.

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