Video Gradually Becomes A Trend

Especially YouTube video content!

Some of the most popular content on Facebook and Instagram tends to be videos. And promotional videos are a highly effective format by earning from clicks on these platforms.

I know you already heard gazillion times that videos are the most engaging tool to attract your audience, so I’ll not repeat that here. And I’m guessing you already grabbed various video creation tools in the past to make videos for your business. But creating videos is one thing – getting results from them is another story.


Each platform on social media is taking steps to encourage the emergence of more videos. For example, Instagram has increased the video length to 60 seconds. And Facebook introduces some new features. For example, watching videos with friends, Facebook Watch feature summarizes featured videos, …

Although these platforms are tending to develop video viewing features for users, YouTube is still the main destination – where people search for their favorite video content.

Currently, YouTube has surpassed 1 billion hours of video watched every day. And it is known as the second largest search engine in the world.

This means:

No matter where your business grows, customers are more likely to find your videos.

If you do not create any video content, you will surely regret it. You are missing out on a great opportunity to interact with your customers. Make YouTube content now!

And, while doing so, you there are some notices you should keep in your mind to achieve the success.

Create Meaningful Messages For YouTube Video Content


Some businesses have developed their YouTube channel extremely effectively by producing YouTube content from engaging YouTube topics.

Such as Chanel – The giant in the field of fashion and makeup. They have more than a million subscribers (subscribers who follow their channel). In particular, Chanel regularly updates fashion trends on new product lines. And interesting advertising campaigns from 30 to more than 450 thousand followers.

Please multiply by the number of videos they are publishing.

The figure indicates there is a large amount of interaction that Chanel has while the cost is relatively low.


Google (as the owner of YouTube and understands the power of video) operates its own YouTube channel to help customers in a different way.

Instead of promoting the “flashy” of brands like Chanel, Google has made quality YouTube video content that guides users to take full advantage of their tools and applications.

These practical, useful videos bring value in a variety of ways. Anyone who wants to decide what tool to use often has to adapt the Google “ecosystem” if they are instructed on the features available.

Anyone who has been a Google user when learning from these videos will get the full available value of Google.

Success Actually Does Not Require Redundant Budget

Although big brands tend to invest in making YouTube content for their videos. But the reality is not only the big guys with a budget of millions of dollars to succeed.


Backlinko founder Brian Dean discovered that:

Just an impact from the idea of ​​YouTube content can have some influences in your website traffic. You may have relatively little budget but produce a few good quality foreign content videos. This can also lead to hundreds of thousands of views and very high-quality traffic.

And so is my case. Based on Google Analytics tool, I can see the traffic coming from super quality YouTube. Although traffic from YouTube is actually a lot less than traffic from Facebook, it is extremely quality.

You can better understand the image I illustrate below:


The green color indicates that this traffic is better than the pink color of traffic coming from users accessing from Facebook.


So what can business owners and marketers learn from this?

If you’ve never implemented a video before, it’s best to start now.

You can get inspiration from many different sources. So just go online and search for outstanding video marketing campaigns and you’ll find them.

Fortunately, if you own a business. This means that you already own one of the most important factors needed to succeed on YouTube.

Explain everything clearly in the video for the viewer and the idea of ​​the YouTube content must be good enough. At this point, your video can help them solve some of the problems they’re having.

Once you have your strategy, you will need to make YouTube content – good content.

This does not mean that you need to have a huge budget. The beautiful images and clear audio support are not all factors. The most important thing here is the value you bring to your customers.

A Good YouTube Video Is Not A Promotional Video

Users visit YouTube to satisfy their query. That means they watch instructional videos to solve the specific problems they encounter.


So, you can only teach them how to respond to challenges more actively. If the problem-solving solution is related to your business, then … You can combine your product / service promotion as part of the video. However, don’t make your video a publicity promotion.

The video title should be “How X” instead of “Why do you need Y product”

Finally, don’t limit your video content to marketing or sales. Let video help users get some benefit when they watch the video.

Optimize Video Content From Quality Content


After you’ve picked out the content that’s compelling for the video (I will publish a post on content ideas soon), it’s time for you to maximize the effectiveness of your YouTube videos and get YouTube recommendations. To do this, you will have to ensure that:

    ♦    Every video title and description is well optimized to work in YouTube SEO.

This will help your videos be found easily on YouTube’s rankings. On the other hand, your video will get YouTube suggestions. This really makes sense for those of you who want to make money on YouTube

Not just uploading videos to YouTube, you need to optimize your videos, such as:

    ♦    Share videos on all your social channels to maximize reach. (Example: Facebook, Instagram, …)

    ♦    Attach videos in your upcoming emails.

    ♦    Use videos on your blog or on a product page.

For most social channels, videos are far more interactive than text. So, take advantage of quality content to make youtube content attract a large number of potential customers. Once you receive a YouTube suggestion from YouTube, your video will really attract a lot of viewers.

Don’t forget to optimize your YouTube Channel!


I hope this post is informative enough to motivate you to have a nice start with YouTube. Share your thoughts or any questions below this article!


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