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Optimize Article Content – Improve Your Blog & Gain Better Rankings


Improve Your Blog & Gain Better Rankings

Firstly, try typing in google the phrase “SEO content”, there are more than 92 million results found in just 0.37 seconds. This helps us to more specifically visualize the popularity of SEO content at the present time.

Focusing the entire budget on advertising tools is no longer the leading option in developing the business strategy of the business but instead the development of “content”.


Optimize Article Content – What is SEO content?


Now, let’s try to separate these two words and analyze:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a collection of optimization methods to make the website more search engine friendly (Search Engine) thereby improving website rankings when users search with related keywords.

Content is the collection of all information that exists on a website, creating real value for users. In particular, for businesses, content must be something that closely follows or revolves around the category of the business.

When combining these two words, we have the concept of SEO content that building articles around products / services with content is really useful to attract users and help increase information traffic through the search engines.

What are the benefits of SEO content for businesses?

SEO content helps businesses create compelling information that can attract readers thereby increasing search engine traffic, helping to increase the ranking of business websites on search pages.

It is one of the cheapest marketing strategies that can generate huge profits. Compared to focusing budgets on TVC ads or promotions, investing in optimizing article content will help businesses build sympathy in the eyes of consumers.

With its ingenuity, content integrates your brand into each article, each meaningful story, capable of conveying messages and inspiring users. Let customers promote your brand through the stories that content marketing builds.

SEO content is also the only optimal solution to help your posts become more search engine friendly to create a driving force to help your business website to the top of search.

At the same time, optimizing article content ensures your site always has fresh content. Regularly bringing in fresh information will delight users, thereby encouraging them to return to your website.


Optimize Article Content – How to build effective SEO content?

Identify keywords (keywords)

Based on your product or service, list a range of words related to it, then choose words that are close to the desired content. For each article there should only be 1 main keyword, do not try to optimize a post for more than 4 or 5 keywords.

It is almost impossible to accurately optimize or write content for other keywords and still retain the value of the page. The target should be narrowed, the keywords close to the content you write and the secondary keywords around the main keyword.

Cross linking (link)

Each SEO content page has its own topic for its keywords, it’s important to maintain a common theme among all pages. You can use the internal link to link the keywords in the article to the home page or to an old article with relevant content.

This can help increase access to old posts and create a continuation of information for readers to easily grasp the content.

For example, if you already have a clothing and footwear website, link all of the dresses together by topic, link all styles of clothes / clothes by pages to each other, and link to Each page returns to the homepage.


Research shows that most Internet consumers surf a website for information relevant to their interests and if they don’t find the information they are looking for in the first seconds, they will leave the site. web.

Therefore, you should pay attention to breaking up the article into paragraphs associated with the use of bullet:

    +    Grading
    +    Numbered list
    +    Title
    +    Subheading
    +    Words in bold

These will make your writing clearer and more visible.


Call to action

The ultimate goal of the article is still how to make your customers decide to choose your product, so do not forget to leave information and encourage them to try the product or service.

Check spelling and grammar

Surely you will find it very annoying to read an article full of misspellings, so many error messages, so the information provided is useful, right? So, be extremely careful about this!


Above are the sharing of basic knowledge of optimizing article content, hoping to be able to help your business in the early stages of startup and development. You can also leave a comment on this post to ask more!

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