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Passive Income Ideas – Ways To Make Money In COVID-19 Outbreak


Struggling due to sudden unemployment?

Today in my blog I will suggest you 6 passive income ideas so that you can start your new life!

At home you can still make money if you work hard and have ideas. Working online needs a certain level of education, at least to be proficient in computer.

Money Crashers has just suggested some ways to make money that you do not need to go anywhere, stay at home and still “flow” into your wallet.


Passive Income Ideas – Blogging


If you like to write, try your “keyboard” skills with blogs, which can start with telling an engaging travel itinerary.

You can also start writing a content related to the issue of social interest, or “fever” in the online community.

Choose popular, multi-user technology platforms to interact with your articles. You can post articles on your personal website or on social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram … with images or clips that attract a lot of viewers.

Please also note that the content you post must comply with the law and not be banned on those social networking sites.

Translate and write content

This is considered a relatively easy business to make money. Vietnam is only in the Moderate group of English proficiency, with a score of 53.81 on a 100-point scale. For that reason, if you are good at English and can translate, this is a good chance for you.


If you are good at foreign languages, your chances of making money at home are numerous.

On Freelance sites such as, or, each day there are many (thousands) of content writing and translation jobs posted.

In addition to individuals and business organizations, online newspapers (small scale) also have a great demand for writing articles. The remuneration for this job is usually in word count. The cheapest remuneration is somewhere between $50 and $100.

However, if you are a skilled translator, the remuneration may be increased by a dozen times.

When working with clients, focus on serving them well so they can choose a long-term translator. Long-term customers will help you focus. You only need to worry about writing articles, not need to go advertising and find customers later.

In addition, you can go to sites like Gengo, ProTranslating, One Hour Translation, Unbabel … to find work, almost always have work for you to do.

Taking online survey

Your online reviews on Online Surveys can also help you earn a daily income of about $10 per day. The problem is that you only need to have a computer connected to the network and take the time to answer the questions on the page.


Answering online survey questions can also help you make money at home.

Each online survey can take between 20 and 30 minutes. Once you get used to the job, the time may be shortened, you will have more time to do other things.

Some sites you can take a survey to make money are Survey Junkie, Consumer Opinion, Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks …

Passive Income Ideas – Teaching online

If you have in-depth knowledge in a certain field associated with pedagogy, you can completely make money from home by teaching online.


Online teaching has become a trend in the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Sharing experiences with an individual or group of people helps you improve your income significantly.

You just need to find the right people who want to acquire the knowledge that you have to pass on, helping them consolidate the knowledge that you earn money.

Making handmade crafts and selling online

If you are a skillful person and do not know what to do, making crafts is an opportunity not to be missed. This is one of the ways to make money less capital.


Making crafts and selling them online is a good idea to make money at home.

Handmade goods business is also on the list of the most easy-to-make crafts nowadays because the trend of using handmade goods is very popular, maybe because of the unique and different from industrial products – hundred, thousands of samples as a .

“Creative, creative and constantly creative” – ​​this is the guideline if you want to make and sell handmade goods. When your product is really unique, different then attract new customers that everyone wants to own. If so, you can make money easily.

Passive Income Ideas – Selling food online

One of the most effective ways to make money at home now is to cook and sell junk food online. The important thing is that you must be passionate about food, willing to work hard to find recipes, find out the flavor of your own food to attract customers.


Skillful cooking gives you the opportunity to make money without having to leave home.

Remember that you cook for your guests, not yourself. So, firstly, you should investigate, research the market carefully, see how they taste, what eating habits, what foods are going to be hot, … Next, find out the objections. competitors see what they have, they must be different from them, even more than them.

Selling Second-hand items

Do not despise the old things, because maybe “old, new,” you are bored but maybe other people like your items. Gather all your old stuff and sell it online, maybe you’ll make money.

The number of low and medium income people in Vietnam is the majority, these will be your potential guests. However, the fact shows that it is not rare for high-income visitors to still prefer hunting for seconhand. In summary, this option has 3 main advantages: crowded customers, low capital, high profitability. This method of making money at home does not cost anything.


Selling used items online is a creative way to make money.

However, to be able to get rich from this job, you must be a really quick person, knowledgeable about the type of product you intend to trade and know how to repair a little better. Because old quality items are not guaranteed sometimes, if you do not know how to choose, you will import too poor quality goods, then if you do not know how to fix it, the item is considered to be discarded.

Note to keep in mind if you sell second hand goods that is a source of goods. Take your time online, go to sites, ad groups to “hunt” goods, or low-cost sales forums, or contact former sellers who are no longer needed.

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Hopefully these passive income ideas somehow help you realize your dream of running a complete online business!

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