SEO Top Google For YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

SEO Top Google For YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

Today, YouTube is gradually becoming a playground for brands. So SEO Youtube has the special attention of marketers. This article will help you better understand SEO YouTube.

Video marketing is a hot trend. YouTube is gradually becoming a playground for the brands. So SEO YouTube is of special interest to marketers SEO Top Google cannot ignore video channels.

But SEO Top Google is not that simple. Google also has many algorithms that rank rankings for videos. The following article will help you better understand SEO YouTube.

SEO Top Google For YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

What is the relationship between SEO Top Google and SEO Youtube?

We all know SEO is the job of optimizing websites/videos/images so that they appear on the front page of search engines. SEO Top Google is putting your keywords and content on the top of the Google search list.

While YouTube SEO helps videos top YouTube search results. They are two different platforms, but they have quite a lot of similarities.

The definition of SEO Youtube – the “junior” of SEO Top Google

If you are wondering why SEO Youtube is required for a video campaign, isn’t focusing on SEO Top Google enough? So let’s look at these numbers: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and also a huge source of extremely attractive traffic.

The number of searches for products and services on YouTube is more than 3 times on Google. 90% of people find new products and brands through the world’s largest video social network… The number proves that SEO YouTube is a useful method to increase brand awareness.

Ultimately both SEO Youtube and SEO Top Google have the same ultimate goal of getting the website to the top. If the task of SEO website is to help keywords on the front page of Google – a somewhat complicated process and requires a lot of preparation, ranking time is quite long.

Then with SEO video, the job will be easier. Being on the top of YouTube searches is not as difficult as you think if you know how to do it and do it right.

Why do marketers have to do SEO YouTube in parallel with SEO Top Google?

Through the digital marketing data on YouTube, which is listed by many experts. We see that no one has the right to underestimate the power of video and YouTube.

In 2018, 93% of marketers said they gained a new customer by posting compelling advertising videos on social networks. As a result, businesses with brands from all backgrounds are starting to take advantage of YouTube as an innovative way to communicate their stories to viewers.

And in just one week from September 16, 2018, there were 4,680 brands sponsoring 8,964 videos on YouTube. We all see the role of this channel, so there’s no reason we can forget this fat prey!

Users tend to focus their attention on the video or image if it appears in their field of view on search results instead of focusing on results that appear at the top 3 of Google.

SEO YouTube will help promote your video to the top of YouTube searches in a short time, much shorter than traditional SEO Top Google. So, combining these two strategies will make your business much more successful.

A YouTube advertising campaign with all the right directions certainly helps you get a lot of potential customers. If you choose a reputable location to post to your brand’s YouTube channel, your business will take a big step forward.

What criteria does YouTube use to evaluate videos? Is it similar to SEO Top Google or not?

Similar to how Google evaluates the ranking of a website: article content, keyword frequency, number of backlinks…  YouTube too, you also need to consider the same factors to optimize for videos ranked in high positions. That’s why SEO Top Google and SEO Youtube are like “twins” in digital marketing services.

It can be seen that YouTube relies on many factors to evaluate a video and decide the top ranking for that video. However, Google or YouTube are based on the following general signal:

  • Keyword optimization for videos.
  • What video are you working on, and what keywords? Right from the upload file to the video publishing process, you have to optimize for that keyword. Keywords must contain in title, description, tags…
  • Signal from video viewers.

SEO Top Google videos need to implement what factors?

When researching a ranking, you must first understand the evaluation criteria for it. Doing SEO YouTube too, before you want to optimize videos. You must know the YouTube algorithms, like SEO Top Google must understand the website algorithms.

SEO Top Google videos – The titles must be true

The title of the video for the website must be attractive, and interesting to the reader and must contain the keyword SEO. Your title must contain the main keyword that needs SEO Top Google, making the video more special and useful.

However, if only the correct primary keyword is inserted into the heading. It will often be very rigid, now you need to cleverly use keywords synonymous with the main keyword. For example, when searching for the keyword “what to eat when squeezing the muscle”.

The top videos all have titles that contain the keyword or are very close to this keyword such as “muscle-tight diet”. The way to title a YouTube video is similar to the title on the website. But because YouTube is a video social site, you can be flexible and clever to “steer” the title a bit but not go too far.

Don’t ignore the content

The truth is “Content is king”, even in a digital marketing campaign, SEO Top Google, or video. Maybe you make a very attractive video thumbnail, the camera angle is very nice.

The title is interesting enough and optimal for the keyword. But the content is nothing, nobody will see it, or immediately leave soon. New content is what determines whether a viewer stays with your video long enough.

Like when doing SEO Top Google on the website, the time users stay on your site is very important. Then with YouTube videos, watch time must be long enough, and usually must satisfy > 50% of the video duration.

Your video is considered to create a useful content signal with YouTube’s algorithm. When users only watch the first few minutes and then turn off, your video will be underrated. So focus on video content on how to keep viewers coming to the end.

SEO Top Google For YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

The interactive role of viewers in videos

When compared to SEO Top Google on the website, we evaluate the effectiveness through website traffic and a backlink system… Then for SEO YouTube, user interaction during and after watching the video is so great that YouTube prioritizes your video ranking. Common interactions on YouTube are:

  • Click like, and comment when watching videos.
  • Click share, subscribe, and save to the playlist.
  • Continue to watch other videos on the channel.

Views are still the top factor, putting your video on the top trendy. But in the long run, these interactions contribute significantly to video ranking. A successful digital marketing agency must make the videos it produces have a high amount of engagement. Because engagement is always important.

SEO Top Google must exploit the “quintessence” of the brand in the video

When your channel has a good brand, users are highly engaged with the brand through:

  • Proactively find keywords that are brand names on the YouTube search bar.
  • Take the initiative in videos that come from your brand.
  • There is good interaction with the YouTube videos coming from your brand channel when they are displayed.

Youtube will prioritize putting your next videos into a allowlist list of rankings, and continue to base on other factors to determine the display position. Branding factors must go hand in hand with returning users.

In websites, websites that have a high percentage of direct access, the website is increasingly evaluated well by Google. If SEO Top Google promotes this factor, so will SEO YouTube.

Your channel and videos are useful, the content is good and appropriate, and the new user actively searches, returns, or saves to the playlist for later viewing. Based on the signal % rate of return of users, the videos you rank will be ranked first.

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