Vidjack Reloaded Review – Ace Video Marketing Without Creating A Single Video

Vidjack Reloaded Review 

Ace Video Marketing Without Creating A Single Video


Businesses are desperately looking for a way to connect with their customers who refuse to leave their homes due to the fear of the pandemic. With various online marketing strategies, everyone is hosting videos on the internet.

However, barely anyone is truly engaging with their audience up to their true potential. The sensational new trend of interactive videos has already made big businesses billions of dollars. But so far only big brands with deep pockets could tap into the incredible power of interactive videos.

So in today’s review, I am going to introduce to you a brand-new software that allows you to add unlimited interactive elements inside any (even trending…) YouTube or Vimeo video to drive massive traffic, conversions, and sales for your own business and for your clients are about to hit the market. It is called VidJack Reloaded

It’s an all-in-one video tool that allows you to create interactive videos for your business or your clients, and instantly increase views, leads & sales. With businesses struggling to stay afloat, you’d be the only one that can help them bounce back from the terrible 2020 that they are still recovering from.

So now let’s not wait any longer, let’s scroll down for more insightful information about this product!

Vidjack Reloaded Review – The Overview



VidJack Reloaded

CreatorIfiok Nkem
Front-End Price$37 – $47, $2 OFF with code VIP2
Launch Date11:00 EDT, 2022-July-29
Official websiteClick Here
BonusHuge Bonuses at the end of the VidJack Reloaded review
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30 days money-back guarantee!
NicheTools & Software
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

About the product

VidJack Reloaded is the world’s most robust drag-n-drop interactive video creator – add unlimited interactive elements, add ctas, build your list, sell & receive payments right inside any Youtube or Vimeo Video.

Plus This EXCLUSIVE VidJack RELOADED edition removes all limitations by allowing you to upload, host, create and manage your own interactive videos all inside the same dashboard. All in just 3 steps:

  • Step #1: Choose any YouTube/Vimeo Video or upload your own.


  • Step #2: Point-n-click to customize. Add interactive elements using the built-in drag-n-drop editor.


  • Step #3: Embed Anywhere – Website, blogs, social media, emails, or share the links directly.


Vidjack Reloaded Review – About the creator


Ifiok Nkem is a tech entrepreneur & an official member of the prestigious Forbes Business Council. During the last 10 years, as a marketing professional (with a specialization in Video Marketing) he managed to make enormous amounts of profits using videos: ADABundle 2.0, Viral Lead Funels, LocalAgencyBox, MarketingBlocks, CopyBlocks AI, VideoTours360 Ultimate, ClientFinda.

It first launched over a year ago, and over 4000 customers are happily using the software to create better videos & get more results daily. Now is your chance to join them.

What can you get inside this package?

VidJack Reloaded Review -The Powerful Features Make You The #1 Interactive Video Marketing Agency:

1/ Upload your own videos

Now you can upload, create, and manage videos right inside your VidJack Reloaded dashboard. No more limitations to only Youtube & Vimeo videos. Now you can create your own interactive videos by uploading videos straight from your local device.


2/ Video Creator & Screen Capture

With this reloaded edition, you can now capture and create instant screencast videos with our 1-click screencast video creation option.

Capture your screen and camera, your screen only or camera only, and go ahead to add interactive elements and turn your screencast into a profit-pulling machine, all on the go.


3/ Multiple Player Themes

Choose from our pack of beautiful and attractive player themes to add more style and excitement to your videos. These custom player themes add more pop and excitement to your videos.


4/ Simulated Live Stream

Effortlessly simulate an “interactive video” live stream session or evergreen webinar – This is an effective way to get your audience wowed, engaged, and ready to take action, all completely hands-free!


5/ Smart Custom Audience

Turn video viewers into a custom audience and create ads specifically targeted at them. E.g In a webinar replay video where the pitch started at 45 mins, you can add users who watched to that point to a ‘Saw pitch’ custom audience and create super targetted ads targeting them.


6/ Abandoned Video Leads

Get your viewers to watch your videos at their convenience. Instead of allowing them to bounce off your site and never have to watch your video again, Abandoned Video Lead Gate allows them to request the video link right to their inbox. Every site visitor is converted!


7/ Smart Auto Play

The auto-play feature gets your video to autoplay on all devices. It smartly detects if your browser does not support autoplay with sound and adapts accordingly, that way you get to maximize your views and conversions smartly.


8/ Resume Play

Instead of boring up viewers by watching your video from scratch every time, Resume Play allows them to pick up right where they left off. This is a powerful personalized customer experience that’ll blow up your engagements and conversions.


9/ Password-protected videos

Secure your premium video content beneath a smart password gate, only visitors with the secret password will be able to access and watch the video.


10/ QR Code Interactive Video Share Option

QR codes are a smart, fast, and easy way to share your interactive videos across online and offline media. According to verified stats, over 1 Billion Smartphones Will Access QR Codes By the end of 2022.

What does that tell you? More video views, leads, and sales.


11/ Advanced Video Player Control

Customize and design your video player as per your taste. Add and remove elements just as you like with a click of a button.

  • Player Style & Controls

Brand your player with the colors of your choice. Enable or disable features as you deem fit.

  • Player Skins

Select the player skin that goes with your brand personality best & attracts more viewers than ever.

  • Watermark

Leave a lasting impact on your video with your watermark/graphic and save it from theft!

12/ Complete Viewer Experience Control

This product is redefining viewer interaction and engagement. Now you can customize not just a part but the entire viewing experience.

  • Dynamic Interaction Videos

Your viewers can walk through the entire sales video process and have a customized experience that is tailor-made to their taste.

This way your brand becomes etched in the minds of these viewers forever and increases their interaction and in turn your sales and conversions incredibly!

  • Resume Playback

Your viewers never have to be hassled again to rewind or forward videos to watch the video from where they got interrupted. The smart players restart the video right where they left off.

13/ Deep Insights & Analytics

They closely monitor your video engagement to help enhance your CTAs and sales with each passing campaign.

  • Engagement Graphs

They make deep analytics extremely easy to understand. Get organized data about your video engagement, conversions and other important factors to understand your audience & create better campaigns instantly.

14/ Embed Anywhere

Embed your videos onto any platform of your choice to become viral instantly! Pick any website, social media platform, blog or simply share the link!

  • Single Video

All it takes to embed your video is one tiny link, simply copy and paste to view it anywhere on the internet!

  • Playlists

You can create your very own brand playlist that allows you to embed an entire collection of videos onto any platform of your choice.

15/ Lead Generation & Sales Control

This product will empower you with exciting and guaranteed-to-convert lead generation tools. Now you can time your CTAs to gate your content effectively to multiply your profits.

  • Share-Gate

Insert CTAs or opt-in forms at the climax of your video before your viewers can watch the rest of the video. Now you can increase your shares, subscriptions, and sales instantly. You don’t even have to wait for the video to the end to interact with your viewers and begin profiting.


  • Lead-Gate

Insert your video within attractive player skins (iPad, Mac, Blackboard, Whiteboard & countless others) to engage with a higher number of viewers each day!


  • CTA-Gate

Redirect your traffic to your sales pages to witness immediate action by inserting clickable text, images and buttons from within your video.

16/ Automated Interface

The state-of-the-art technology has built-in AI that understands your preferences and auto-customizes highly engaging videos on your behalf.

17/ Beta Tested To Perfection

All the videos and engagement tools are optimized and beta-tested to drive home the best results possible.

18/ Expert Video Resources

Watch videos put together by experts to help you create more engaging videos.

19/ Step-By-Step Tutorials

Learn your way around this incredibly easy software within minutes.

20/ 24X7 Assistance

Our team of experts is behind you in your endeavors every step of the way and at any time of the day!

21/ Automatic Updates

Enhance your experience with our in-built automatic upgrades that are created to suit ever-changing viewer sensibilities.

22/ Completely Hosted On The Cloud

There will never be the need to download or install anything. VidJack Reloaded is hosted on a reliable cloud server that you can access from any device or browser.

23/ Commercial Rights Included

Sell customized and highly engaging videos within minutes without blinking an eyelid.


$2 OFF with code VIP2

The creators also added some exclusive bonuses available only during this special launch period. (There are more at the end of this review)

VidJack-Reloaded-bonus (1)

VidJack Reloaded Demo – How Does This Software Work?

First of all, we’ll need to log in to the software below:


Now, I’m going to walk you through 2 steps of adding interactive elements to your videos. There are many elements you can add, so in order not to make you feel overwhelmed, I just demonstrate the general process of creating interactive videos. Once you get inside this software, you can discover other elements.


Step 1: Create A New Campaign

To start a new campaign, simply click on the “Create” button. Then, you need to fill in the campaign’s name, as well as enter your YouTube URL or Vimeo URL and click “Create” to proceed:


Next, you will see all the elements you can add to your videos. Simply drag & drop the elements you like to any point in your video to edit it if you want:


After it is added, edit the chosen element with “Edit Style“. For example, you can change text, font, color, button text & color:


In case I want to add an image, I would choose “Images”, then scroll down and click on “Choose a File” and you will be able to choose from tons of available images or you can also upload your own:


Especially, you are able to decide when and how long the element shows up during the video. Simply adjust the time and the duration on the timeline:


To build your list, VidJack Reloaded allows you to connect with email marketing platforms with “Integration”: 


Choose your favorite app to integrate:


Step 2: Embed The Video Just Created

After finishing editing your video, click on the “Embed” section to start embedding your video:


Next, copy the embed code and you can post it on your social media platforms, sales page, or wherever you want.


Check Out The Full Demo Here:

Why should you invest in VidJack Reloaded?

For the first time ever, you can now merge interactive video technology with eCommerce – add products inside any video, sell products a lot faster & explode your income using this new video software:


Firstly, everyone likes to feel special. That’s why adding details to a personalized video, like your viewer’s name is the perfect way to engage and delight your audience. You can use personalized videos to increase email conversions, boost landing page sign-ups, increase event attendance, make nurture more personal, improve customer satisfaction, and more.

Example 1: Adding forms into a video to build list, so you don’t waste video traffic:


Example 2: Boost revenue with scarcity timerVidJack-Reloaded-Result-2-Using-Timer

Moreover, you can attract your customers by giving away rewards each time they take action. Offer coupons, discounts, and freebies after they open a certain number of hotspots or spend a certain amount of time watching your videos.

It’s an incredibly unique and helpful service agency, and marketers can offer it to local businesses, video marketers, affiliate marketers, product creators, and in so many more niches. And the best part is that you don’t even need to create your own video to leverage interactive videos. simply choose any video from YouTube Or Vimeo… and add interactive elements to drive more leads, sales & profits for yourself.

Suffice it to say, the sky is the limit with VidJack Realoaded. With the basic version, you can customize and add unlimited interactive elements to 20 videos and embed them anywhere on the internet for unlimited clients! With the pro upgrade, you can create unlimited videos for a low one-time fee.

Now you will have the opportunity to be the 1st interactive video marketing agency and help businesses skyrocket engagement, conversions & profits and get paid top dollar like these people:




VidJack Reloaded Review – How much do you have to pay for this?

The Front-End Package

By getting access today, you’ll save a ton of money and get all the benefits of the platform just minutes from now with a small amount of investment. But even if you could spend thousands of dollars and months in development, why would you want to when you can tap into the full power of video marketing today without the headaches?

This package was recently introduced, and the price is increasing by the hour. You can get this incredible automation tool for a shockingly low price of only $37 if you act quickly in this special launch.

Furthermore, if you have any technical issues while using this software and they fail to help you resolve the issue, the team of creators will give you 100% of your money back within 30 days from your purchase.


$2 OFF with code VIP2

VidJack Reloaded Bundle

Price: $297; Use The Coupon ‘VID50‘ for $50 off

Get VidJack Reloaded and all the VidJack OTOs with a one-time hugely-discounted price. Here’s everything you’ll get:

  • VidJack Reloaded Commercial (FE)
  • 4 VidJack Reloaded Upgrades:
    • VidJack Unlimited
    • VidJack Agency Toolkit
    • VideoTours360
    • VidJack Resellers
  • All the bonuses listed on my VidJack Reloaded review
  • And the bonuses from the creator – Ifiok Nkem


>>>Get VidJack Reloaded Bundle At A Discounted Price<<<

In case you want to purchase a separate VidJack OTO, check out the following details:

VidJack Reloaded Review – The Upgrades

Moreover, below are the upgraded versions for you to take a look:

OTO 1 – VidJack Reloaded Pro & Unlimited – ($197/yr)

With this Unlimited option, you can create, host, stream & sell unlimited interactive videos, with unlimited views, email opt-ins, product orders, & quizzes, for unlimited clients and profits

Plus generate “attention-grabbing” Video thumbnails in minutes & unlock access to our futuristic text-to-speech app with 100% human-sounding voice-over in over 30 languages all on the go.

Here’s exactly what you get:


>>>Click here for more details<<<

OTO 2 – Reloaded Agency & Consultant ToolKit – ($67)


You get all the assets you need to start and run a 6-Figure Interactive Video Agency:

  • A full-blown and professional interactive video agency website
  • Ready-made PowerPoint & keynote proposal presentation
  • High converting cold email sequence
  • Stunning commercial graphics package
  • Ready to go Facebook ads creative
  • Done-for-you pimped-to-sell telemarketing scripts
  • An attorney drawn contract agreement

>>>Click here for more details<<<

OTO 3 – VideoTours360 Ultimate Deal – ($67)

You get a full commercial license to create and sell 20 virtual tours with 1,000 live chat minutes, e-commerce, gamification, and all the features. Pro upgrade allows you to create unlimited tours for a low 1-time fee. You can add these elements to your video tours:


>>>Click here for more details<<<

OTO 4 – VidJack Reloaded Reseller – ($297 or $497)

Get the reseller license to “create & sell” unlimited VidJack Reloaded accounts and keep 100% profit from every sale you make!

Plus you get a robust reseller dashboard to create & manage users + full-blown marketing resources + step by step training on how to start selling software today!


>>>Click here for more details<<<

VidJack Reloaded Review – Pros and cons


  • New proprietary technology allows you to create interactive videos.
  • Plus legally hijacks & turn any youtube & vimeo video into a profit-pulling machine
  • Add interactive elements (ctas, email gates, share gates, reviews, gamification, ecom widgets, etc.) To any video to explode your traffic, leads & sales in minutes.
  • Lightening-fast video hosting, streaming and video marketing suite.


I am totally happy with this purchase.

Who Is It For?

It does not matter if you are a freelancer, product creator, affiliate marketer, list builder, entrepreneur, business owner, you sell services to other online and offline businesses, sell your videos, or make money from youtube channels. If you need the right tool that grows with, then this product is totally cut out for you:

  • Freelancer
  • Product Creator
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • List Builder
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Owner
  • Person Selling Videos
  • Person Selling Services To Other Businesses
  • Person Who Wants To Profit From Youtube

The Conclusion

In all, if you’re looking for something new and fresh that has never been released before, then VIDJACK RELOADED is for you. I encourage you to take action while the offer is still available because I don’t want you to miss out on the most unique and powerful opportunity for creating a massive business in 2022.

Thank you for your time and all the best for your success!

Our Special Bonuses

The bonuses are carefully selected and presented with descriptions with the hope to facilitate your online business activities.

Here’s how to claim the bonuses.

Step 1: Complete your purchase


Step 2: Forward Your Receipt To My Email “” (Then I’ll Manually Deliver For You)

Note: If you already had my bonuses, please visit my bonus page ( to choose the alternative packages

Thank you so much for your collaboration!

The Bonus List For FE (5 Packs)

1/ Video & Content Bonuses


2/ Sell Ad Creation Services 



3/ Agency Marketing Kit


Bonus 8: Moto Theme 4.0 with 2 OTO PLUS Unlimited Sites



Bonus 9: Content & Print Ready Graphics For Boosting Your Brand On Social Media

4-Eazy Social Ads

Bonus 10: Funnel & Templates To Boost Conversion







4/ The Video Tools 

5/ Resources For Content Creation (Good For Website Traffic Generation)

part 1:


Part 2:





Continue to pick 3 packs for each OTO/upgrade purchase



2- Add To Your Design Services

Over 8,500 Graphical Elements

It includes bundles of high-quality textures, patterns, shapes, gradients, vectors, backgrounds, brushes, color swatches, and more!

Professional Video Templates




















7- Video Materials – Motion Graphics Pack






8- SEO & Traffic Grow


9- The Super Bundle of Necessary Weapons




10- Generate More Traffic To Your Sites



11- Level Up Your Online Business




Extra Package 12





14- Start/Grow Your E-Commerce Business









17-  Generate Traffic With Video & Social Media





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Thank you again for reading my VidJack Reloaded Review!

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