What Is Customer Analysis?

What Is Customer Analysis?

Customers are the focus, the basis of all kinds of strategies. That is why when first building a strategy, you must understand customers – understand products & understand the environment. There for customer analysis is very important.



Clearly identifying the target audience is the first important factor to do. Because simply, the same product, but with 2 different audiences we have to build 2 different types of content to satisfy them.

A basic portrait of a client should have:

   [+]   Age

   [+]   Sex

   [+]   Geography

   [+]   Occupation

   [+]   Income

   [+]   Marriage


This is to identify their pain, their current NEEDS unmet and their future Expectations.

For example, I found that in SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) implementation of Digital Marketing, many problems arise:

   [+]   Haven’t built a methodical, comprehensive knowledge

   [+]   There are no processes, effective and efficient measurement system

   [+]   Issues revolve around strategy formulation. This is the biggest problem that most I find SME has not done.

   [+]   Issues revolving around the relationship between COMMUNICATIONS – MARKETING. Means planning: When is the communication running? What message is? For whom?

So in a nutshell, you must understand the PAIN or PROBLEM that the customer is having.



Concerns here are of two types:

Firstly: Concerns when buying

This is exactly what you have to identify when you want to build content for your product or company. Because it’s clear that customers won’t read what you write, say, etc. about you. They only care about what you write about their concerns.

Second: Interests in life.

This is the best door to connect with customers. You must talk about your product in the contact with their interests.

I take for example: People who buy air purifiers, their concerns might be:

   [+]   Take care of yourself
   [+]   Health care for children and families
   [+]   Do Yoga, practice GYM
   [+]   Electronics measuring health indicators

This is the extremely important part of building your content and target customers.

For example: if you sell Bikini, if you do not understand/analyze carefully into customers, you will not find potential people who want to buy your product.

Usually people running Facebook ads sell Bikini as Target on people going to the beach.

So if we know that people in bikini, who care about the body → those who practice Yoga, practice GYM… they tend to like to show off their achievements through wearing hot bikini.

At this point, the new Target becomes deeper!

In a nutshell, it is important to identify your customer’s extended interest beyond what the product is all about so you can reach the right audience. It is also an important ingredient for you to build interesting content that reaches customers.


This is a very important factor in doing communication. Because the goal of the media is to: change perceptions, change beliefs, change values ​​to change behavior.

So, if I don’t know the current perception, I can’t do content to direct you to the perception I want, to sell you.

For example: your current perception of attending a Digital Marketing class may be “busy, not necessary”. Then I have to find evidence to convince you “to delay going to school is still costing hundreds of millions of useless ads” or “learning only takes a few days, but you can save millions of dollars …”.

Naturally, at that time we need to get more convincing evidence to do that.

Or, for another example, I suppose that the perception of most beginners in Digital Marketing is to think that it is a confusing and complex thing. So now for the content I build to be valuable, I have to give you a picture that is comprehensive and practicalL but simple about Digital Marketing.



Try, strip and describe every reason why customers should buy from you to increase persuasion.

Also, if you identify the wrong reason for the purchase, it is clear that all your communication messages will be misleading.

However, there is also a note in this section that of the long reasons for purchase, only one or two reasons are KEY BUYING.


What to do with the reason for the purchase is obvious:

   [+]   We have to write about what makes customers buy (Build content)

   [+]   We must have things that make customers buy (Products/value chains)


Barriers to buying are things that prevent customers from making a purchase.

The purpose of having to identify this part is to first hit them in content, which is also the basis for us to improve the product.

For example: we know that their barrier is fake, counterfeit… Then in the content, we can preemptively like: “There are a lot of fake goods on the market right now, so be careful. in choosing, and here are some criteria to distinguish… ”


This will help you determine where your customers are and what they do on the internet. But only when you know those things, you will satisfy customers.

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Thank you for reading!

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