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What is SEO standard website? The battle to “beat” Google SEO standards

What is SEO standard website?

The battle to “beat” Google SEO standards

Website SEO standards play a very important role in today’s booming digital marketing. Join my article to find out what is SEO website standards and Google standards to check website SEO standards or not.

99% of users search for information before buying, 73% of users only access to the top 10 websites and identify them as reputable brands… Those numbers are a strong affirmation for the importance of SEO standard website in the booming digital marketing era.

But many of you are still quite vague and don’t really understand what is a standard SEO website? The journey to achieve standard SEO website standards is extremely featureless, requiring a lot of techniques and persistence of SEO-ers.

What is SEO standard website The battle to beat Google SEO standards

What is SEO standard website?

Explain “SEO standards”

What is SEO standard website?

A website is simply designed with configuration along with features for Google to easily crawl and understand the entire website.

You can have an attractive, well-designed and aesthetically pleasing website, your content is quality, do you think that’s enough for a website?

Actually, the appearance of a website, although beautiful, is not necessarily enough, especially when you participate in fierce competition on the internet with other businesses.

Businesses need to have a SEO friendly website, in other words, “beat” the standard SEO website standards.

What are the criteria for evaluating a standard SEO website?

    ♦    Unique titles and descriptions for all pages. In particular, the title contains about 60-65 characters; Meta description contains about 150 characters. The title and description are two things that describe the page content without keyword stuffing.

    ♦    Website URLs must be clear, formatted in lowercase and separated by dashes.

    ♦    A fast page load speed will facilitate good ranking in Google search results.

    ♦    Website SEO standards must have unique and useful content.

This means that the content on your website is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. In particular, the information provided must be quality, accurate, easy to understand and should use bold, italicized, underlined formats for the main keywords in the article.

    ♦    Contains standard SEO images that are interesting and engaging to readers.

However, the image needs to be optimized for size, quality assurance and should use ALT text for images. Besides, the image must be consistent with the topic of the article, so manually design or edit photos before use.

    ♦    SEO website layout must be clear and consistent.

Specifically, there must be Header, Breadcrumb menu, Page Title (only 1 title for each page), text formatting with short paragraphs with subheadings, author information, Footer.

    ♦    Create an XML Sitemap and use the Robots.txt file.

    ♦    The interface must be compatible with all devices from computers, tablets to mobile devices, providing an enjoyable experience for users.

    ♦    There is a sitemap.

Reasons for businesses to equip SEO website standards

With the fierce competition in the field of online marketing today, the design is a necessary condition of the business. So what are the reasons you must design a standard SEO website?

SEO significant benefits:

    ♦    Create reputation and increase brand awareness.

    ♦    Increasing organic traffic to the website from search engines, which in turn is likely to rank higher in Google results pages.

    ♦    Maximize marketing costs on Google as well as on other channels.

    ♦    Website is more user friendly, making it easy to use, professional and improving the experience.

    ♦    Optimize your website on mobile devices, improve website traffic.

    ♦    Have the opportunity to top more naturally by combining with quality content.

    ♦    Promote sales, sales effectiveness thanks to a lot of traffic and target the right customers. This is also considered the most important goal of the reasons to design a standard SEO website.

    ♦    In addition, standard web SEO helps you understand what customers want. For example, how they visit your site, what they click on, how they leave, what content do they like, etc.

What is SEO standard website The battle to beat Google SEO standards

7 standards Google set to hit the standard SEO website

It will be difficult for us to check the standard SEO website or not without a lot of experience or knowledge in this area. And the effort to make a standard SEO website only makes sense when it exceeds the standards set by Google.

Below are Google’s guidelines for a truly “standard SEO” website.

1. SEO URL optimization – the first task when designing SEO standard website

    ♦    Automatically generate URLs by Product Titles – Articles that help optimize SEO URLs

    ♦    Customize URLs according to SEO requirements as needed

    ♦    Automatic SEO Title Creation – Describes the SEO of the product – articles as they are written

    ♦    Do not use automated URL types with internal numbers such as:

    ♦    Use rewrite url for links and separate each word with hyphens “-“

    ♦    There is a standard robots.txt file to control crawlers reading content easily

2. There is HTTPS to ensure standard SEO website requirements

In the Google Search Console 2019 event, Google gave the figures about HTTPS and confirmed this as one of the criteria in SEO evaluation. Imagine if your website is less secure, it is difficult for Google to trust.

3. A standard SEO website is to optimize content hierarchy

Search engines need a unique URL for each piece of content to be able to crawl and index that content and to refer users to the content. The content is different, the URL is also different and must have a hierarchy between the content on the page.

4. What is the title and description of the standard SEO website?

The title, meta description and URL are the three most basic information that Google will display on Google Search to show all the content that the URL represents. Imagine if a URL has no description then Google wouldn’t want it displayed.

Google updates its criteria and recommends descriptive tags of the standard SEO website as follows:

  • SEO title – About 70 characters
  • SEO Description – 160 to 200 characters depending on the time that the level of visibility varies

These displays need to be customized to make it more search engine friendly, reflecting how easy it is for searchers.

5. Page 404 links to the redirect

Sometimes users will visit a page that does not exist on your site by following a broken link or typing the wrong URL. Or you simply make a small change to make the link not display.

Using a custom 404 page to guide users back to an active page on the site can improve the user experience. Your 404 page may have a link back to the original page and may also provide links to popular or related content on your website.

6. Website design standard SEO is to be friendly with Mobile

The world today prioritizes mobile devices. Most people are searching on Google using mobile devices. The desktop version of the site can be difficult to view and use on mobile devices.

Therefore, designing a standard SEO website for mobile devices is important for your online presence. In fact, since the end of 2016, Google has started experiments that mainly use the mobile version of web content to rank, parse structured data, and create snippets.

7. Set up cards H1, H2, H3 on the website

Setting up custom H1, H2 and H3 tags on an easy interface helps Google know the main content of the article and product.

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