Undoubtedly, Instagram Advertising has become an important part of every social media marketing strategy of all businesses.

According to a report by TechCrunch in April 2018, each day Instagram reaches more than 700 million users. What’s more, Instagram’s user base is largely young and highly educated, making it the perfect customer for advertising campaigns.

If you are looking for ways to run Instagram ads effectively, the following article will guide you in the most detailed way with useful tips.

Why Instagram Advertising Should Be Considered?

Instagram ads have been appearing around the world since September 30, 2015.

Facebook has emphasized that:

“Ever since we launched brand identity ads on Instagram more than a year ago, 97% of businesses have claimed that advertising is effective.”

In recent years, Facebook has constantly launched new ad formats and new features for advertisers to improve advertising results. 


What’s more? Instagram users are growing rapidly, and interaction with brands is quite high. Instagram users are willing to pay more for online shopping than many other social channels.


Advertising On Instagram And Facebook

As you probably already know, Instagram is part of Facebook ads (Facebook bought Instagram a few years ago). So if you are wondering whether to run ads on Instagram or Facebook … then 95% of the answers you get will be both.

You can install Instagram ads on Facebook ad manager in the ad position editing section.


Here are the recommended Facebook ad positions:

  • Brand recognition: Facebook and Instagram

  • Interaction: Facebook and Instagram
  • Watch videos: Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network
  • Install App: Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network
  • Traffic: Facebook and Audience Network
  • Product portfolio: Facebook and Audience Network
  • Transformation: Facebook and Audience Network

Tip: When setting up ads on Facebook, always consider what they will look like in any format. Make sure your ads will perform most effectively.


Using image formats (1200px x 628px) for every ad placement is the simplest and most effective way.

How About Instagram Advertising Costs?

According to research by AdEspresso, the average CPC rate of Instagram is about $0.80. But that does not mean that you have to pay for your products and services


Here are the factors that affect Instagram advertising costs:

  • Target
  • Advertising design.
  • Advertising content.
  • The goal of the ad.
  • The relevance of the ad to the viewer.

Fact: Advertising costs for brands that target women are often higher than for men.


Advertising Budget On Instagram

The advertising budget on Instagram will be evaluated by:

    1 – How many people will see your ad?

    2 – What is the cost for advertising to be distributed?

Facebook ad delivery is divided into two categories:

    1 – Create value for advertisers by helping them reach potential customers

    2 – Provide positive, relevant experiences for users using Facebook or Instagram.


Automatic bidding – If you are unsure of the right price to use, let Facebook automatically set your bid for you.

Manual bidding – Set bids based on the cost per conversion that you find reasonable.

Tip: Be careful! if you set the bid too low, Facebook will not serve your ad.

How to Set Up Instagram Advertising Campaign?

Here I will summarize 4 different ways you can create an Instagram ad:

  1. Above the Instagram software
  2. Facebook ad manager
  3. Facebook’s Marketing API
  4. Instagram Partners

Tip: The most effective and fastest way is to use Facebook’s ad manager.



Identify Advertising Target Audience

You can create 3 types of objects just like on Facebook:

  • Saved audiences – Reach people based on interests, location, demographics, and behavior

  • Custom audience – Reach people who have interacted with Facebook ads, and websites, or are already your customers.
  • Similar audiences – Reach people who have the most in common with your current users, most likely to convert.

In the saved object section, or a new object you can choose:


  • Location – Country, city, address

  • Age – From 13 to 65+
  • Gender – Male or female or both
  • Language – Target a specific language
  • Demographics – Education, family, work, relationships
  • Interests – their activities on Facebook, the pages they like, the topics they care about.
  • Behavior – Acts of shopping, equipment used, travel, activities, ..
  • Connect – Target people connected to specific pages, apps, and events.

In the custom object section:

  • Customer profile – Your actual customer profile (phone, email)

  • Website traffic – List of website visitors (you must have Facebook Pixel installed)
  • Activity in the app – People who have used your app
  • Offline activities – Create a list of people who interacted with the offline business
  • Interact with content – People who interact with your content on Facebook or Instagram


Create Perfect Instagram Ad

As mentioned above, the image design and content of the ad will directly affect the results. If your Instagram ad image is too similar to regular posts, users will only glance.

Instead, you should choose the colorful, and completely different from the common design.

The following ad as an example. It is eye-catching with a dark background color, and the details are striking and attractive.


Here are 5 suggestions for you:

  • Photos are eye-catching and attractive
  • Avoid using stock images
  • Using illustration designs – Illustrator
  • Use short text or CTA
  • Use A / B test for the image of the advertisement

How to Write Persuasive Instagram Ad Content?

Unlike Facebook’s post format, which is full of text, headlines, and link descriptions, Instagram ads have only the main title and body of content. They are all under the description image.


When writing promotional content, try some of the tips below:

  • Make sure your content is relevant to the target audience
  • Write short and easy to understand
  • Introduce how your product will benefit your customers
  • Use call-to-action verbs.

Tip: Add hashtags to your content to make your post more impressive. An ad contains up to 300 characters (including hashtags)

Summing Up

Instagram advertising will definitely bring a lot of benefits to you, regardless of whether you are a B2C or B2B business. Starting with marketing and advertising on Instagram is not difficult. However, it does require consistent research and effort. Hopefully, you will soon succeed in this platform.

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