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When Should You Use No-follow Links? Find Out Here

When You Should Use Nofollow Links

The nofollow attribute has been around since 2005. It helps you block spiders from scanning for information you don’t want Google to read. The nofollow link is still included in traffic but not Google’s PageRank score.

In this article I will clarify the exact nofollow attribute, explaining the value of the nofollow link. And when should and should not use nofollow tags for links.


The history of no-follow

In early 2000, all SEOs knew that links became part of Google’s algorithm. So in order to have better rankings, people abuse links.

People build, look for the number of links every possible way. Resulting in too much spam. And Google must have a solution to this reality. That is when the nofollow attribute was born.

The idea here is that you use this attribute to signal to Google that you don’t want Google to evaluate the link nofollow tag.

Initially, nofollow is used wherever you want to add independent links. Next, Google wants you to use it for links in paid advertising and where you have total control.

Finally, Google started penalizing because there were too many unnatural links.

And everyone realizes that quality links can only be built on quality websites. If your site doesn’t do these things, then you have a problem other than the type of link attribute to use.

The value of the nofollow link

The use of Nofollow does not count PageRank points. However, it is used to bring in a significant amount of traffic. And although Google doesn’t score directly for nofollow links, Google bots still index these content. Therefore, they can affect search engine attribution for the portfolio link of a website.

Google also cannot penalize you because you have too many links when they are nofollowed.

When you put the link on another website and tell Google this is a nofollow link, your link is not valid for the other site. But this helps you expand your reach. Users may see you on another website and then, they come to your website.


When to use nofollow

Always use nofollow in the following cases:

   [+]   Backlinks in comment comments or forums: This is how you fight the spam content that takes place everywhere.

   [+]   Link of advertising sponsored content

   [+]   Link in press releases

   [+]   Paid link

The case allows not using Nofollow link

   [+]   The link exchange is reliable

It means that reputable articles posted on a quality website other than the link exchange agreement do not need to be tagged with nofollow. The reason for doing this is to exchange good links with each other.

   [+]   Links with celebrities

When you use celebrities for your advertising campaign, the content links in this campaign are allowed to use Nofollow.

   [+]   Links of copyright content

You write new content for your site is completely legal, without using nofollow.

But be careful with duplicate content. Specifically, the case of 1 product with many colors.

The above is not a complete list. But it belongs to the basic categories you often encounter in the content to choose whether or not to use Nofollow tags.

Thank you for reading!

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