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Part 17 – Whitelabel/Reseller Bonuses

Bonus 1: Reseller License to List Mail jeet 


How would you like to send a mail to your customers automatically when they sign up to a list?

List mail Jeet is a very simple tool that allows you to send thousands of emails to your list with NO cost at all.

Bonus 2: Reseller License – Social Vids


Bonus 3: Reseller License – Social Leads


Social Leads is a platform that we have created to build leads from the social platforms that everyone uses.

This is the only tool that you will ever need to collect real email addresses. Forget giving away lead generation offers and getting fake emails in return. Social Leads delivers real people and real emails.

Bonus 4: VidRolls White Label


This tool allows you:

 [+] Create media-rich snippets that lead naturally to your video.

 [+] Develop contextual ads that automatically appear when your video is finished.

 [+] Include learning objectives for training videos.

 [+] Require an opt-in to view a video (perfect for content upgrades!)

 [+] Link multiple videos together for a step-by-step process that’s seamless for viewers.

Bonus 5: Whitelabel License to Pin Matrix Pro


Pin Matrix Pro is a Fully Automated Adobe Air Software Automates Pinterest Tasks.

Some of its remarkable features: Multiple image pining, Setting Delays and automating the pins on different niches boards to dive niches targeted traffic

Bonus 6: Social Mobi Deals Whitelabel


Bonus 7: WhiteLabel License to WP SociFlock


This high on functionality software allows you to auto syndicate posts and comments on multiple FaceBook groups and pages at the same time.

It also allows you to post feed, images, videos on the groups. It enbles you to comment to the posts in the group.

Bonus 8: Whitelabel License to WP Copysites


Bonus 9: Whitelabel License to WP PageFix


Bonus 10: Whitelabel License to VidNeos AutoVideo Theme


VIDNEOS THEME takes all the guesswork out of Video Blogging and does all the heavy lifting for you, while making you tons of money from the massive video traffic that your blog will attract..… 

Bonus 11: Resellers Rights to VidNeos

VidNeos takes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of real life, real business insights from real videos and real sales…and packs it all into a one-stop-shop software…


Bonus 12: WhiteLabel License to WP InstaEditor


This super utility plugin allows you to make as many pages or posts that you want to be inline-editable.

Get a distraction free, reload-less, instantaneous text editing experience with this plugin. With InstaEditor you can directly edit the text content of your WordPress powered website on the frontend itself!

Bonus 13: Email Boostr White Label


This tool helps you to:

 [+] Take your emails to the next level with this simple to set up and easy to deploy email & landing page timer plugin.

 [+] Accelerate your email marketing with scarcity strategy used by billion dollar corporations to instill urgency, increase engagement & drive massive clicks from even your small email lists of customers to boost conversions & sales up to 197%

Bonus 14: Whitelabel License to AppSpyPro

AppSpyPro helps you find the most popular niches and keywords in Apple iOS store, Google Android Play Store and other mobile app stores…


Bonus 15: WP TrendPressr Plugin White Label


Trendpressr Main Functions:

 [+] Identify Breakout Keywords

View trending and most searched for keywords related to your niche all within WordPress dashboard.

 [+] Get consistent page 1 search rankings

Dominate your niche by finding the most up to the minute keyword phrases before everyone else.

 [+] Search for trending keywords within different time periods

The past 7days, past 30 days, past 90 days, past year, or even the past 10 years.

 [+] Target Specific Regions

Trendpressr can find trending keywords worldwide, or can target a specific region – United States, Canada, Australia, UK or India.

 [+] 1-Click Optimization

You can optimize tags, keywords and image alt text, on any post or page, based on your trending keywords search results.

Bonus 16: WhiteLabel License to Fb Bar Jeet


Fb Bar Jeet is a stealthy plugin that helps you send boatloads of targeted clicks.

With Fb Bar Jeet you will be able to drive the traffic wherever you want it to go. Drive traffic anywhere with that you want with a sneaky fun trick.

The stealthy plugin will help you send lots and lots of targeted clicks to any offer be it your own product, CPA or affiliate offer

Bonus 17: WhiteLabel License to WP Traffic Shift


This simple and high utility plugin automates the process of redirecting the existing URL of your WP site to a new URL and is particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation.

It helps you drive traffic anywhere you want in few easy clicks.

Bonus 18: WhiteLabel License to WP Social Proof

With SIP Social Proof for WooCommerce is really easy to display the number of sales for any product in your website, just like the big brands do.


Bonus 19: WhiteLabel License to WP Protector


This simple and high utility plugin that acts as a Web Application Firewall, detecting and preventing against vulnerability exploits, unethical intrusions and additionally strengthens your WordPress installation so your WP site remains guarded against any of the security hazards.

Bonus 20: Resellers Rights to VidRankNeos


Get Unlimited Traffic with Page #1 Ranking!

With VidRankNeos You Are Guaranteed To Rank Your Videos And Once You’ve Done That, You Can Easy Track Your Rankings.

With Rank Tracker and Spy feature you can not only track your videos ranking and current positions but you can also spy on your competitors and see where they are ranking and what they are doing to keep ranking.

Bonus 21: Resellers Rights to SocialNeos Pro

It’s The Only Viral Traffic Plugin You’ll Ever Need Turn Any Video or Content into a List Building Machine in 3 Easy Steps.


SocialNeos rewards customers for sharing content, builds your list and creates a powerful Social Notification system just like Mobile Push Notifications – message your users any time, on any device!

Bonus 22: Pin Image Grabber ( White Label ) 


Bonus 23: EZ Video Trimmer ( White Label )


Bonus 24: Whitelabel License to 200 Adsviser Ad Templates

Grab 200+ PROVEN, HIGH CTR AD TEMPLATES & Instantly Get More Cheaper Clicks, More Traffic & Sales With Your Very First Campaign.


Now you can get instant access to the same proven templates that the pros are using to get incredible response rates, high CTR and sales, even with a tiny ad budget.

Bonus 25: Click Maximizer (White Label)


With this tool, you can:

 [+] Add links to unlimited keywords

 [+] Include or exclude detailed settings

 [+] Track displays and clicks on every link

 [+] Optimize your site for maximum clicks

 [+] Complete stats dashboard

Bonus 26: Content Optimizer (White Label)


With this tool, you can:

 [+] Split test unlimited headlines

 [+] Split test featured images

 [+] Optimize for maximum traffic

 [+] Autopilot set-n-forget operation

 [+] Complete stats dashboard

Bonus 27: Epic Countdown (White Label)


With this tool, you can:

 [+] Add timers to emails and websites

 [+] Access 63 different clock animations

 [+] Access evergreen or specific date timers

 [+] Redirect visitors when time expires

 [+] Access complete stats dashboard

Bonus 28: Optin Engine White Label Rights


With this tool, you can:

 [+] Create opt-in pages in minutes

 [+] Works with every autoresponder

 [+] 18 optin page templates included

 [+] No programming or tech skills

 [+] Build a subscriber list on autopilot

Bonus 29: WP Contentio Reseller Rights

3-Step Tool Generates Google-Friendly High Authority Content For Your Website In Less Than 60-Seconds


Bonus 30: WP FreshPop Reseller Rights

A Fresh New Software Tool That Banks Online Profits On Near Autopilot!


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