What Is Print On Demand? How To Sell POD T-Shirts

What Is Print On Demand? How To Sell POD T-Shirts


In recent years, the Print on Demand (POD) form has proven to be one of the effective MMO monetization trends. Although it is not new, not everyone understands and does it right. So what is POD? Let me also learn how to make money selling POD t-shirts in detail.

If you are looking to learn more about the e-commerce market. If you are doing business in this market and want to expand into new areas, then these are probably the models that you need to know.


Print on Demand is the process of working with suppliers to customize plain/white-label products (plain t-shirts, mugs, etc.). Print your designs on these products and sell them to order under your brand name.

This means you don’t have to pay for the product until you sell it. So you don’t need to import or stock any products. That means you will sell products that do not exist, when customers order something, print it, and ship it to customers.

Plus, with print-on-demand, everything after the order is placed, from printing to shipping, is handled by your supplier. Once you’ve got everything set up to get ready for the sale, the customer placing a new order will jump straight to the supplier (depending on the supplier), the process will happen automatically, making it a source of income. passive for you.


When a customer purchases your e-commerce platform or online marketplace. Suppliers will receive orders to the printing factory to produce, pack, and ship products to customers. You can save your time and resources. No more worries about printing, factories, storage, and transportation of goods. It is very suitable for a modest investment or a need to earn extra income.

The supplier will apply a base cost that includes the cost of order production and shipping. Your job is to create designs, price products, and sell… Your profit will be the difference between the price you sell to the customer minus the costs.



A POD website can be built based on the Dropshipping model. This is one of the easiest ways to source products and start building an online store that sells internationally. But you should know the advantages and disadvantages before you start participating.

   ♦   Advantages Of POD

   [+]   Selling to anywhere in the world (Worldwide Shipping): this is the advantage that I like the most in this form. You may be in Singapore, but sell directly to the US or European countries, an easy way to reach customers anywhere.

   [+]   Generate passive income: When an order is created, the supplier will immediately receive the order, then print (create the product) and ship it to the customer, you are only responsible for the customer service through email.

   [+]   Create products quickly: Once you have an idea and are done with the design, you can create a product and put it on your website or sales funnel in minutes.

   [+]   Low investment, lower risk: very little cost when you do business in this form (or zero), if you need a low-risk business form this is the right choice.

   ♦   Disadvantages Of POD

   [+]   Lower profit margin: Naturally, your cost per item will be higher than if you buy in bulk. Print on Demant products may offer lower margins, depending on how you price them and attract customers.

   [+]   Less control over shipping: Shipping costs can get complicated as it is often varied by different products. Your options may also be limited and shipping costs difficult to control. This makes it difficult for you to control shipping costs and discounts.

   [+]   Limited Customization: Your ability to customize your product depends on the vendor and the product. You will have to consider the base cost, customization options, printing techniques and sizes available when deciding which product to customize.



   ♦   Find Ideas And Niches You Want To Sell

Niche is a gathering place for groups of customers with similar interests, needs, ages… When you understand the desires of your customers, you will easily choose the right niche. Finding more “winning product” and “winning idea” (creative design idea). To determine the right niche, you need to answer questions about your customers.

Some example questions:

   [+]   Where do your target customers live?

   [+]   What language are they speaking?

   [+]   What content do they like to learn about?

   [+]   What language are your customers speaking?

   [+]   What colors do they like?

   [+]   Are they regularly active?

   [+]   What activities do they like?

The more questions you answer correctly, the more insights you will gain about your target audience. From there, you will easily orient the appropriate design ideas. This will completely depend on your target audience, but you can find your design inspiration on:

   [+]   Pinterest

   [+]   Instagram

   [+]   Reddit

   [+]   Or wherever you think your potential customers will be there

   ♦   Choose The Right POD Product

This is an extremely important step in your business plan. The products sell well because it is convenient, easy to use and suitable for the tastes of users. You should keep in mind that product design trends are always changing year after year, season by season. Therefore, you must always explore and research new and unique designs to attract customers.

   [+]   Fashion: T-shirts, leggings, skirts, shorts, hoodies…

   [+]   Accessories: Tote bags, socks, hats, masks, phone cases…

   [+]   Home & Life: Cups, pillows/pillowcases, posters, canvas, blankets…

   ♦   Set Up Shop

The first step to launching your POD business is setting up an online store.

Step 1: Set up a store

⇒   Method 1: First, register a domain name. Then choose the eCommerce platform to launch the store. You can use services of Merchize, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, PrestaShop and BigCommerce….

⇒   Method 2: If you do not have an online store of your own, choose an e-commerce marketplace (marketplace) to create your store on their platform. You can sell on exchanges: Amazon, eBay, Etsy…

Step 2: Upload the design and select the product you want to sell

After you’ve created your store and updated your profile, you’ll select the products you want to sell and add designs for them.

Step 3: Select a print supplier and add products to your store To create your custom print products

You need to work with a print-on-demand supplier. Many print-on-demand vendors have plugins that integrate directly with most e-commerce platforms so you can connect your store directly with your suppliers, making order processing easier. and a more seamless experience.

Step 4: Sell Products Every business will remain unknown unless it is promoted

You must promote your print-on-demand business widely to sell. Wherever you sell and how you do it, the ultimate goal is to get people to find your items and buy them. Some popular advertising channels that bring popular traffic sources for POD today include SEO, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Ecommerce/Marketplace… It can be said that Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two forms of promotion. Best product for newbie.

   [+]   Google Ads – helps you quickly target your exact leads. You can easily set up ads according to the needs and interests of customers. It is also effective in customer tracking, flexible change and effective ad delivery.

   [+]   Facebook Ads the largest social network in the world with more than 2 billion users. This is the “fertile land” that provides high interaction with a large source of potential customers. Sellers communicate promotional offers and promotions to Facebook users by displaying your ad.

   ♦   Design Your Product

If you can design, take advantage of the available capital to create your own eye-catching and unique designs. If you are not a professional Designer, you can think of hiring professional designers to design. If you invest a suitable amount of money to hire someone to design your product, you should choose freelance designers abroad. You can find these freelance designers to work with on Fiverr, Upwork, Behance, 99 Designs, Freelancer… or similar sites.

Here are some typical ways you can find the right designer for you:

   [+]   Share details about your target customer: Tell them what the design is for and who your customers are who, show them your website.

   [+]   Clearly explain what you want: Use your original designs and subsequent revisions of that design (you should have at least 2) to communicate to them what you’re looking for and guidelines to follow, and strive to provide step-by-step concrete feedback.

   [+]   Provide examples for inspiration: Give them some references that you found in the past.

   ♦   Upload Designs On Products You Want To Sell

Once you have chosen the right Print on demand platform and have an online store, the next step is to upload your designs and products to your store. If you use the POD fulfillment service, the choice of product type to sell is entirely up to you. You can sell any product you want, as long as the POD platform you use supports it.

   ♦   Optimizing Store Sales

It’s only when your business is up and running that you can tell what’s working and what’s not. You may have to redesign your store, adjust prices, change the collection page, or even add new products. In addition, sellers need to understand basic indicators such as CR, ATC, AOV… in the store statistics section to optimize & plan promotion, adjust tactics, and appropriate audience.


I have introduced in detail what is Print on Demand form is. Hope it will be useful to those who are learning how to sell POD t-shirts. This trend will still be an attractive trend in the future. If you can design or market, use it to make money in the foreign market. Good luck!

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