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5 Experience Making Money With Effective Affiliate Marketing In 2020

5 Experience Making Money With Effective Affiliate Marketing In 2020

You just started making money with affiliate marketing, and you need specific instructions from THINK to TECHNICAL to be able to make money with this job.

I also have been rolling in this job to earn the first money.

In this article, I will share with you the experiences and mistakes that newbies often make when making money with affiliate marketing.

Surely it will help you a lot, avoiding getting into other people’s traces.

Let’s go!

5 Experience Making Money With Effective Affiliate Marketing 2020

1. Making money with Affiliate marketing is not easy

Many new friends are exposed to affiliate marketing and they are blown into the ears, which are:

  • Passive income.
  • Financial freedom.
  • Wealth is sustainable.
  • Make money while sleeping.

Will affiliate marketing bring those things?

Yes! I have identified it. Because I myself have experienced that feeling. I have been interacting with such people in this area. They really have a dream-like life.

But, that is the tip of the story. Please wake up.

To achieve those sweet results, they worked hard continuously for many years and years to get.

So, if you want to get sweet fruit, start practicing right away. And work hard on.

This is a completely serious job and you have to invest time, money and effort to build it to bring about passive income for you.

2. You need to have computer skills and technology

Making money with Affiliate marketing is how to make money online, which has been called online, you must know how to operate on your computer.

There are some who want to get started with this job, but even if you register for an affiliate account that you can not do, then how to approach the next complicated steps.

I don’t need you to be very good at computers, but at least you have to know the basic operations like Copy/Paste, register an account, how to capture/record computer screens…

You must even have Google Search skills. You hear this sounds a bit funny, because who knows how to search Google instead.

But many of you are lazy to learn by yourself, always asking and waiting for others to answer. Everyone has their own business, they are not responsible for answering your questions.

So, instead of bothering others, go find your own knowledge on Google. The knowledge you find yourself will remember longer.

3. Making money with Affiliate Marketing requires capital

You can also make money with affiliate marketing with a capital of 0$, but that was the story of the old days. With the increasing number of publishers per day, without capital to invest, it will be difficult for you to compete with others.

how much capital is needed to start

You may also be wondering, but I am hard to answer the exact numbers.

If you want to be serious about this job to earn sustainable income, you can take a look at the factors that require serious investment:

[+]  Create a website to do affiliate marketing

Domain name cost, hosting… You can make a WordPress website with extremely low cost.

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[+]  Writing content for the website

You can write or hire people to write for you. Usually review, product reviews…

[+]  Cost of advertising Facebook, Google Adwords, Bing Ads

If you want to run ads to promote content to customers, it is still possible. However, the product must pay a high commission for you to run ads to avoid losses.

If you are a beginner, one thing is for sure to do everything yourself to:

[+]  Save on rental costs.

[+]  Know the process of making money with affiliate marketing.

So, the starting capital is not so much as you think, about 50$ you can start making money with affiliate marketing. This cost is only for building a WordPress website, and for the content, you have to write it yourself.

5 Experience Making Money With Effective Affiliate Marketing 2020

4. You are required to focus on quality content

Content is the core factor that determines the success of affiliate marketing.

Why do I dare to assert that? Customers buy from you, when they read your content.

If your review of your product is good, an objective assessment of the product, it will surely convince customers to buy immediately.

And they will definitely click on your affiliate link and purchase => you have money.

Many new friends do not understand the problem of making money from affiliate marketing is like, just force customers to click on your marketing link. But if they click, they are not convinced they will not buy.

It’s not convenient for me to publish reviews of other people’s products here. But you can search on Google with the syntax “Product name + review”, or “Review + product name”.

See how they work to learn from it.

Video Content

Content is not just an article, you should evaluate and review products by Video. The article has Website, where is the video posted?


Youtube is the largest video social network on the planet.

This is how a lot of YouTubers are making money with effective affiliate marketing. If you look at product reviews a lot, they will look like this.

After their video is top 1 on Youtube, many viewers, many people purchase. They will have a completely passive income stream, and spend time doing other work.

5. You need to have a website

To make money with effective affiliate marketing, you must have a website to build content to attract customers, review products, care and interact with customers. Installing a website today is extremely simple. You can search on Google, very simple.


I have shared with you 5 experience making money with effective affiliate marketing.

These are very basic thinking, the foundation for you to start making money with affiliate marketing. If nothing is high, thinking in the right direction, the action will be right.

If you need me to share more experience about making money with affiliate, leave a comment below, I will respond you soon.

Goodbye and see you again!

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