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Nowadays, a lot of stores, businesses often use Google My Business to earn customers’ trust and make it easier for them to find your store address. So, what is Google My Business? How does it work? Please ready my following article to better understand this feature by mei-review


What Is Google My Business?

Basically, this term means a way to determine the location of businesses, shops … on Google Maps.


By using Google My Business, your business or store will let your customers know about specific information such as address, working hours, phone number, relevant photos. . . Especially when they need to go to that location, just search Google map and follow the instructions.

Benefits Of Using Google My Business

After it is clear what google my business is, you should also know some benefits of using this application. Currently, most of the information and locations of businesses in a country on Google maps are not the official information they post. It was the map user who put it in.

Some such unofficial locations will be very difficult to find in reality. The information is also easily edited by anyone for the purpose of taking advantage of, or impersonating your business. That’s why businesses need to quickly join Google Business to correct location information in principle and validate that information with Google their locations.


If your location has been confirmed, you will get many benefits. Such as restricting information from being changed or deleted. If deleted or changed, it may be easier to recover.

Every business is verified that the location becomes a signboard on the electronic map. This sign shows the search results for the business or industry. Since then your business will create a professional image and create trust in customers.


Each location is also a public bulletin board, customers can paste pictures and review into that bulletin board. You will now receive notifications after customers add comments or photos to your location.

You can respond to those comments, or remove inappropriate images to enhance your brand value. Thereby increasing the level of satisfaction with customers, and handling communication crisis timely.

It is possible that a carefully created location on google my business acts as an online business location for the business. It always appears in front of customers whenever they come to the service. Consumers will see all the necessary information such as products and services you provide. Furthermore, they also know the working time, contact phone number and the way to the store.


Some Reasons Why Your Accounts Are Suspended

By this point, you probably understand what google my business is or what google business is. However, you also need to know some of the reasons why your business is suspended so that you can avoid this situation.

Website link is a forwarding URL

In fact, few people care and Google has publicly confirmed the link of the website is a forwarding URL. Therefore, you must not create your business address to advertise another business. In this case, google will treat it as a virtual address and spam.

Do not stuff keywords with business names

If you cram unnecessary information into the business name, it will be considered as keyword stuffing spam. Such as special characters, store codes, product keywords, etc.


Your business does not have a specific business address

According to Google’s guidelines, when providing a service, it is necessary to indicate the address of the business so that your customers to get to that address. This makes some stores on sidewalk unable to create google my business or may be permanently deleted from Google.

Provide virtual address or virtual email

If you sign up for a series of virtual Google business accounts at a number of different addresses on the map to rank for businesses at those locations, Google will remove the address completely if it detects it.


This article has provided readers with information about Google My Business. Hopefully you have drawn for yourself experience to perform your business better on Google Search and Google Map. You can sign up for a business google account for business to create trust with customers.

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