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What is a good Slogan? Most marketing people know Slogan is very important, but few people can understand it thoroughly and accurately about it. This article by mei-review will help you have a clearer definition of a Slogan as well as how to come up with an idea for your brand.


What Is Slogan?

A slogan is a short sentence that contains a message. It can contain a strong or soft tone depending on the products or services that the brand offers. In short, it is the “marketing slogan” of businesses, often created in ways such as phonics, puns, or extended meanings.


Many people believe that it is just a saying devised by the Marketing department to exaggerate the product. In fact, to be a good and effective slogan, it will have to go through a lot of research. From the tone, and the number of words to the target market, all must be standardized to fit the market, stand out more than the opponent, and resonate in the minds of customers.

After all, Slogan is an integral part of marketing campaigns. The success or failure of a marketing plan depends heavily on whether this short sentence is good or not.

What Makes Up A Good slogan?

# Related to the brand

Creating a good slogan is writing a sentence imprinting on the minds of customers. What if Slogan is remembered by customers but they don’t know whose it is?

So, try to stuff the brand’s message to the customers. If you are more experienced, you can design your brand on Slogan to increase the recognition.

# Decided by the customer

Yes, a good slogan will depend on whether the customer remembers it or not, with positive or negative signals. Try writing down some ideas then refer to friends and relatives whose demographics overlap with the campaign’s customer file. Seriously seek opinions and acknowledge their conflicting opinions.

# Short and concise is the top goal

There is absolutely no pattern or rule that says “How many words should a slogan be”. Yet after years of research, experts have shown that readers tend to be less interested in lengthy and winding statements. The length of a perfect one usually ranges from 3 to 5 words.

With such a short number of words, readers will remember it a lot faster.

However, brevity is not enough. A good slogan must be brief but still carry the whole message of the brand. There are many short ones in the world to adding “explain” section to help readers understand.

The Slogan does not convey the message also leads to misunderstandings about the products, services and businesses that provide.


# Must ensure the integrity 

A slogan often containing words like “best” or “best” will be less trusted by users. It is simply because “High mountains have higher mountains”. Misperception of themselves as the “best” in the industry will make consumers think that the business is exaggerating.

Carlsberg Beer itself has been condemned and criticized greatly for the slogan “Probably the best lager in the world”. To make a good Slogan, set out the Slogan which is intended for the interests of customers instead of claiming to be No. 1 in the industry.

# Good slogan will last forever

The slogan is not only a part of a marketing campaign; it is also related to a brand. So never limit your Slogan to both a level of space and time. Choose meaningful words suitable for a variety of situations, past, present, and especially the future.

The trend of putting the Slogan of large enterprises is now “towards the future” with the desire to continuously develop and be strong. From there, customers can also rely more on a brand that is constantly innovating to produce the best.

Instructions On How To Create A Good Slogan For Your Brand

Here are some tips for you to create a good slogan for your business, or specific media marketing campaigns. Tips to create this good slogan will be based on the extremely thorough research process, let’s explore together


1. Understand the brand of the business.

Before choosing any slogan for a business brand, the first thing to be done is studying thoroughly the brand’s internal. Refer to the information from the website, and ask employees of the company about brand history, how long the company has been, and any taglines or taglines that have been tried before, …

The slogan is also an important factor in brand identity. To create the best slogan, you need to find out what the demographics of the target customer are, what the tone of the company is, and what the company is selling or offering.

The slogan will help the brand make a difference with competitors, and also represent the entire mission of the business. Learn the distinct values ​​of the business.

Make a list of the greatest benefits of a product, or brand, to your customers. Or customer challenges your product may address.

2. Research other slogans.

You also need to do research on popular slogans which are from opponents. This not only helps you avoid having to accidentally copy the existing slogan but also suggests more unique ideas for you.

Think of some of the most famous slogans like: “Just do it” – Nike’s “Think different – Apple “I’m lovin ‘it – from McDonald’s “. These slogans have a few things in common that make them successful. Short and memorable. At the same time convey a positive feeling about the brand, while helping the brand make beat the opponent.

Nike’s “Just do it” slogan inspires customers to action. Provide a sense of athleticism, fitness, and the ability to overcome any obstacle in any situation.


Apple’s slogan “Think different” not only evokes the vision of the brand that is embedded throughout Apple’s development history, but also drives the mission of the business to always bring future value to the world.


When writing a slogan, keep in mind the length factor, the main benefits, and how this slogan brings a positive feeling about the brand to the listener or not. Apple’s slogan “Think different” is not just about The brand’s vision embedded throughout Apple’s development history, but also drives the mission of the business to always bring future value to the world.

Look closely at the number of words, overall message, rhyme and rhythm, and even humor if you have one.

3. Positioning your brand in the market

Please specify the positioning and brand identity of the market at the present time.

The slogan should reflect the influence of the brand on customers. For example, if you are trying to create a slogan for a new, unknown company, it must be a compelling offer the business can offer.


If the company already has a reputation, then you need to ask why the brand needs to change the slogan. Is the brand-oriented to develop in a new direction? Is the new slogan a factor in the rebrand-brand restructuring?

Take the Porsche example, the slogan of Porsche is: “There is no substitute – Nothing can replace”. This slogan is suitable because Porsche is a brand with such a long history that customers have identified a quality and luxury products.

4. Summary of all the ideas you have.

If you are working with others, start gathering each other’s slogan ideas. The original idea is usually a bit naive, but that can be the seed.


At this stage, you should let your creativity be comfortable. Do not rush to get rid of any ideas, or limit your thinking about something. Try to make as many slogans as possible

5. Select the most appropriate slogan.

In the final stage after you’ve summarized all the slogans you can think of, you need to filter out the best idea. From 10, go down 5 slogans, down 3, then finally choose the most appropriate slogan.

You can completely consult and comment on many others. You can ask questions like: is this slogan easy to remember? when listening to this slogan, what is it related to? can you imagine the product or service that the business offers or not? …

6. Add a sense of humor if possible

Usually, if something is funny, it will catch up better and faster with the audience. A laughable slogan tends to be more effective than a serious slogan. However, don’t force it, especially if the product or brand doesn’t really mean to add humor.

The End

Thank you so much for reading my post today. I hope you have already learned some foundations and figured out how to make an impressive slogan for your brand. I will be back really soon to suggest some ideas by giving you some great examples.

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