Text Overlay And The 20% Rule Of Facebook Ads

Text Overlay And The 20% Rule Of Facebook Ads

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With Display Ads, the best billboards will attract your attention with bold fonts, powerful messages and bright, eye-catching graphics. But Facebook ads have a completely opposite approach. Please refer to my following article to know what is the 20% rule and how to optimize your images for Facebook Ads with Facebook Text Overlay tool!


The 20% rule of Facebook Ads

If you want to reach and attract potential customers on Facebook, you need to create ads that can blend perfectly with the rest of the content in customers’ newsfeed. This means focusing on simple, high-quality images, short messages and minimal text possible.

Facebook knows that the ads that work best are images with little or no overlay text (that’s the text on the image), which is why they set a 20% rule. This rule states that in order to run image ads on Facebook, your image must contain less than 20% of the text.

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It is important to note that the 20% rule applies only to the text located on the image attached to your ad. It does not include text outside images, as described or CTA.

There are a few exceptions to the 20% rule. Includes pictures of book covers, album covers, event posters, video games and some product images that contain text. Overlay text on the logo is no exception to the 20% rule.

So, exactly why does the 20% rule of Facebook exist? It all depends on what users want to see and appear on their newsfeed. Ads with little overlay text work significantly better than images with lots of text.

Facebook Text Overlay tool

When Facebook reviews your ad, they check the level of overlay text. When creating ads, it is difficult to accurately assess this overlay text rate. But fortunately, Facebook provides a tool to help you check before submitting ads for approval.

   ♦   Images with ideal text overlay


The best approach when creating Facebook ads is to use little or no overlay text. In this ideal ad image example, there is only a small logo containing overlay text in the left corner. A simple image ad like this will be easier to associate with the user’s newsfeed and more likely to receive interaction from the target audience.

   ♦   Overlay text a bit more than 20%


This image is technically a 20% rule of thumb, the line of text added makes your ad less likely to be seen by people. Instead of adding this line to your image, try adding it directly to the content of your ad.

   ♦   The worst case for overlay text


This ad contains too many overlay text. The information displayed here can easily be integrated into your ad content rather than on images, creating a clearer view in the user’s newsfeed. While it’s important to put important information on your image like this, your ads risk being rejected by Facebook or alienated users.


Simple rule to remember: The best way to get users’ attention on Facebook is to use eye-catching images without text. The 20% rule is not just an arbitrary standard – it helps advertisers reach their target audience more effectively on the Facebook platform and prevents users’ newsfeed from becoming overwhelmed by ads.

So what did we learn through the 20% rule? And the Overlay Text tool that Facebook provides to measure the coverage of text on images. Remember to pay attention to this issue with Facebook Ads!

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