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6 Reasons You Should Update The Old Content To Renew Your Website

6 Reasons You Should Update The Old Content To Renew Your Website

You don’t always have a good idea to produce new content. At these times, you can return to editing old posts. Updating the old content is necessary and also increases the efficiency for SEO.

If you read through the following reasons, I believe you will be more excited about renewing the old content for the posts published in the past.


Right here are 6 reasons you should update the old content.

The clickthrough rate is too low

In Google Search Console, you can check the clickthrough rate of articles indexed by Google. If on a topic that many people are interested in but your article receives few clicks, you need to edit the article immediately.

First, look at the title, meta description, then go to the content inside. Please write it with call to action stronger, more attractive.

The content may be outdated

Almost everything has changed over time, the content is no exception. There are many cases, the topic you wrote before, now have changed or added other important content… Users today, they always need and like the latest and most complete content. If not timely adjust the content, the later, the easier it will lose a significant amount of traffic.

Or simply is the words, expressions in that article, now read again you will realize it is not optimal, polished. Or outdated images… Thus, the article also needs to be edited for better.

Better link control

Taking the time to update the content means that you will have the time and opportunity to review the links in the article.

Will the link review still work? Or can add or remove links in the article to ensure a link the most useful information.


Add important information or intent on purpose

Even the article is still okay about words, logic, attractiveness… But when there is a new relevant information, you need to quickly add more to the full. It is sometimes information in the form of words, images or videos.

Or you simply update the post only to add marketing messages to the article that is receiving very good traffic.

Maintain stability on Google ranking

A new content is quite difficult to get the top position on the rankings. But with longtime content, already a certain amount of traffic… it will be easier to climb up. And checking, updating, optimizing content will have a strong impact to promote and maintain good rankings.

Google encourages this

Every day, Google is tracking everything on your website. And of course, you update and refresh the content, it also quickly identifies.

And today, Google not only analyzes search by content type matching keywords but also by content semantics. That is, Google will have a way of understanding the topic you are writing and identify the relevance of the keyword to retrieve the results.

Therefore, updating the article, making the old content better, will help you spend the opportunity to improve rankings and traffic.

In short, updating old content is not a difficult endeavor. But high value for SEO, for your own customers. So why don’t we do it!

Above is 6 reasons why you should always update old content to renew your website. Thank you for your time on my website!

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