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Why Are You Not Copying Articles From Other Websites?

Why Are You Not Copying Articles From Other Websites?

Copying articles from other websites greatly affects the quality of the content. So stop copying content if you don’t want Google to penalize it.

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Why Are You Not Copying Articles From Other Websites

Why copied content is not appreciated by Google

Google always wants to create a fair playing field. Every website has the opportunity to reach customers on the Internet by following the rules set by Google and trying its best.

Copied website content is different. When a person spends a lot of time creating compelling content. But then it is easily copied and posted on the website, it is no longer called fair.

Copying content from other websites makes you superficial to the people who read your website. Without investment, you will not know what questions readers need to answer. What they want when accessing the website.

If you do not put in the effort to create compelling content and solve problems of visitors. Then it is difficult to convince Google to put your website on the top of search results.

Copying website content is easy to be penalized by Google’s algorithm

There are millions of millions of websites out there, and Google has to split the calendar to visit and crawl each site. If you copy content from other websites but have not yet dropped the rankings. It means that Google has not updated the information yet.

That inadvertently makes many website owners yank into thinking that “it leaves me out”. Until Google actually moves, it’s too late. It takes you over a month to redo and improve the site ranking.

Although knowing that copying website content is not good, many people do it because it is fast and convenient. Especially for new websites, website owners have the spirit of “filling” first.

With the new website, Google will collect data with a low frequency and the reputation index of these websites is also very low. If you are already low but also copy, then you probably understand the position of the website just around the top 100.

Copied content reduces user experience

Changing the “taste” of customers with creative, new and unique content is a way for customers to love and visit your site more often.

With content copied from one site to another will make readers boring. Sometimes customers will not be able to distinguish between your website and your competitor’s website. Thereby not leaving anything to visitors.

Besides, when customers search for information on Google, they always want to receive a variety of information, rich and different. If you’re lucky that your copy is still on the front page of Google, don’t be too excited because your content is exactly the same as the other posts.

Customers will leave the page immediately because copied content does not bring any value to the reader. As a result, the user experience on the website will be reduced and metrics such as bounce rate will increase, with such sites will not be appreciated by Google.

Why Are You Not Copying Articles From Other Websites

Misconceptions about copied content from other websites

Mistake 1: Post a content but it is different from domain website

Maybe you have 2-3 websites in the same field. The same article, they can upload at the same time for these websites. This is absolutely not recommended. Even though the link and url are different but the same content, Google still rated as a copy.

Mistake 2: Same content but it is okay after being rewritten & rearranged

Not at all! To overcome many rivals and climb to the position of the leading search engine today, Google must constantly improve to become a smart engine. It is smart enough to know if your website content is copied or not.

On the same subject you should write completely different content. As such, Google appreciates your site. And you easily climb to the top of the rankings.

Mistake 3: Hiring third parties to develop unreliable content

Some unexpected cases occur when the website owner accidentally chooses the writer who write posts superficially. They use techniques to copy, cook and then upload content to the website.

To avoid this, you need to check your posts and preferably initially choose a reputable provider.

Content is King is a catchphrase of SEO. Overall, the content plays an important role in attracting website readers and turning them into customers. Content development has its difficulties, but the results are very sweet.

So, in any case, I recommend not copying articles from other websites.

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