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SEO Mistakes 

I know that you want to setup your website to be on top 3 ( even top 1 ) in the search engine. I also know you want to have uncountable customers visiting the website and to build your company’s brand known by thousands of customers.

Even though your website has been SEO for 3-4 months, it can only be in the position of 4-5 pages. Why’s that ?

I have came across with many questions like that as well as having seen many ways of implementing SEO from the beginners to experienced ones through sharing on blog and YouTube.

Due to this opportunity, i realize that there are many things you misunderstand about SEO, therefore it makes the implementation doesn’t work in the right way, or even causes disappointment and boredom.

After analysing hundreds of different websites, i sum it up to 7 main reasons which make you don’t make it to top 3 Google. This article will help you to figure out the reasons as well as its solutions.

Let’s get started !


1 – SEO Starts With The Keyword Analysis:


Most people think that when implementing SEO, you have to analyse the keywords which refer to your products or services through tools, such as : Google Keywords Planner, Keyword Finder, Long Tail Keywords Pro, ..

At that time, many people suppose that they have many products/services, then just do research on that SEO keywords and implement.

Actually it is a wrong mindset. It can lead to a disaster or many uneffective results.

For example :

  • There isn’t enough budget to implement
  • Customers don’t close the sale when be on top
  • There aren’t enough teams to implement the products/services

You need to know that :

The main core of SEO is one of the ways of marketing. To make it to be the best efficient one in marketing, it comes from how you plan to setup strategy, determining the business strategy and target,.. It doesn’t come from the benefits it brings out or the effective expense and then implement SEO.

Before implementing SEO, ask yourself those questions below – 8 questions you need to answer before starting to SEO :

  1. What are the short-term and long-term target that your business want to achieve ?
  2. Why do you choose SEO to implement ? Are there any other effective ways of marketing ?
  3. What is the main marketing message you want to convey to your market ?
  4. How SEO helps you to achieve the short-term or long-term target ?
  5. What is your targeted market ?
  6. Which locations can your products/services provide ? ( there are many people can only provide products/services in HCM but implement keyword nationally, this is such a big waste )
  7. What is your competitor ? what is the difference between you and your competitor ?
  8. How much can you invest in SEO ?

From these questions, you can get clearly what you want and what you are lack of. Next, you can do keyword research and set up a SEO strategy which can brings for you the most effective result.

When it comes to keyword research, I see there are over 80% SEO people making mistakes. Find out them right below.

2- Keywords That Contain More Than 4 Letters


Most people have wrong definition about long tail keywords in SEO. They define the long tail ones to be keywords which contain more than 3 or 4 letters.

This is a wrong definition. Let me explain it for you by an example :

There are 3 keywords :

  • Smart watches ( 40000 searches/month )
  • “kinhdo” mooncake ( 14000 searches/month )
  • Price of smart watch ( 40 searches/month 0
  • GTV SEO ( 800 searches/month )

Your keywords are GTV SEO and the price of smart watch. The 2 other words can’t be regarded as keywords (just try to SEO smartwatch and “kinhdo” mooncake, you will get surprised in comparisom with 2 words above).

So what makes keyword ?

There are 2 factors which make long tail keywords:

  1. Search volume
  2. The specifity

The more specific your keywords are, the lower search volume you get.

Search volume ( the monthly search number ) is the only one to distinguish between the topic keyword with the long tail keyword.

The definition of long tail keyword comes from the diagram of search demand. You can see on the picture below. When head keywords point out some only words but the search volume are high,  while uncountable long tail keywords with low search volume.

So the long tail keywords and short keywords can’t be distinguish by the number of keyword letters.

There are 3 more examples :

  • Donald Trump ( 4700000 searches/month )
  • Gary Vaynerchuck ( 65000 searches/month )
  • GTV SEO ( 800 searches/month )

The 3 words above do have the same length and describe specifically as well. The only difference is its search volume.

After end of keyword research, the next mistake you make in SEO is :

3 – Optimizing The Keyword Onpage SEO Density :


“your keyword SEO density which contains 3 letters, have to get 5% of the article.” It is what i usually hear on many centers which focus on SEO training as well as many people when optimizing SEO.

When you pay too much attention on how many the keyword SEO density are,

It makes you create “keyword-stuffed” article, which somehow decrease it attraction to readers.

I know that you want Google know that your artivcle is saying about the keywords in order to make it on top.

But you need to understand that Google doesn’t work like what it used to anymore, it becomes much more intelligent.

Google understands the related and synonym keywords 

You can see my SEO service page as a typical example. On the title, content and URL, I only focus on keywords such as : SEO service, HCM SEO service. Look at how many of my posts are on top currently.

There are also may different keywords that I don’t even mention in the content post but are still on top ( even top 1-3 ) such as : SEO website service, HCM SEO expert, professional SEO company, professional SEO service,.. Furthermore, my main keyword is SEO service, of all 1000 words, i only mention about it 4 times at the post.

The end of keyword density on Onpage SEO 

One noticeable thing is Google now can :

  • Group all related keyword to one main topic
  • Understand the related and synonym keywords
  • Have a closer look in comparison with only looking at “keyword on page “ in order to decide the rank
  • Currently Google even prioritise for current post if it use many kinds of related keywords and the posts which have more attention of customers.

4 – Link Out Destroys The Power Of Website :


Link Out or External Link is link which connects to posts on other domain website.

Unlike to Inbound Link or Internal Link is link which connects to other posts but still on the same domain.

On the other hand, you will only consider on the setup of the internal link structure which remains reasonable. And you think Out Link is unnecessary. Taking link out will lose the power of website and it is not good for the website rank.

Moreover, people also think that, taking link out is directly giving our customers to other. The visitors will leave the website through that link and never come back to our site.

However, in contrast with your thought, the non-outlink on the post can be the reason that makes you SEO all the time but don’t get on top.

4 facts about external link :

    +    External link helps increase SEO ranking

    +    Link Out helps you build, develop relations with other websites

    +    Link Out helps to protect PBN/your satellite system

    +    The final thing is it makes your website more natural. In fact, if you don’t use link out, in many cases, it even causes bad effects to your website.

It is because you only focus on setting up backlink ( inbound link ) to your website but not do not link out, any random pages could become suspicious. You need to balance the backlink density to website and the link out. Your website needs to link out to reliable pages on different fields.

5 – Social Backlink Doesn’t Affect Much On SEO Ranking 


Why do many people have that thought ?

Because in most of social media, your backlink is set up very limited ( some pages allow only one backlink on the profile ) and has no follow.

As a result, many people don’t spend much attention or set up social networks to create backlink, but only get dofollow backlink or backlink that has power and high relation to easily advance the website.

Many people don’t get backlink through social networks but still be on top, i don’t deny that it doesn’t work. But in a competitive market, these backlinks are the right way to SEO on top effectively.

It is not the story about the power of backlink to your website, nofollow or dofollow is another story.

Let me explain for you

4 reasons why you should use social networks backlink 

  1. These backlinks are easy to get, you don’t have many difficulty in getting it
  2. A true business when turns out to online and starts to build website. The first thing when building a website ( or even before it ) is building themselves social networks. For example Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram,, therefore these backlinks are kind of natural. When you set it up, Google somehow have trust in you.
  3. Most of the social networks have high Domain Rating ( domain authority ), it helps to increase your Trust Rank with Google
  4. Diverse your sources of backlinks ( this is very important, as it makes your backlinks resonate, watch the video below with my explanation )

And there are many more.

There are even some big social networks, if you know how to apply, it will become one of the most effective backlinks.

One typical example is LinkedIn. Many people use it by writing post on, then that post gets on top and pull thousands of traffic. From that , backlink on LinkedIn gets more power, many people clicks it and it brings out many values.

6 – Over-Optimizing Anchor Text 


What does that mean ?

It means you intentionally put your backlink which used Anchor Text to get on top. Look at the picture below.

To be honest, it is very easy that even a child know that you are trying to SEO Google with old laptop HCM keyword.

Do you think Google like SEOer ?

Surely, Google like SEOer who SEO through content-creating, optimizing website, but not people who shows clearly they want to manipulate Google results.

Google doesn’t want a business which has messy website and only looks for finding customers but not brings any values for readers  ( for those who are still get keyword on top by that thing, i will explain then )

Here is the Anchor Text on projects which i am implementing as well as other trending projects.

Examples about right Anchor Text :

Keyword set : chicago seo ( this keyword is more competitive than service seo ) –

Keyword set : old laptop HCM, it is the case study Anchor Text Tran Phu computer of GTV SEO

You can see the difference between the top ranks and your position

Name for that case is over optimize anchor text ( over-optimizing Anchor Text )

Over-optimizing Anchor Text is determined by the algorithms of the search engine, it is also an important issue in a recent update of Google called Penguin.

7 – Make Google “Confused” 


Let me go straight into the problem

Imagine there is one website with the old laptop content but there are a bunch of backlinks to posts/websites such as air ticket, old camera, wood plastic,.. what will Google think about that ?

When Google robot reads the post about cheap air ticket and is  collecting information about the content related to air tickets. Suddenly in the website again, it sees an old laptop content, which is not relevant at all, at this time, Google will become confuse because a cheap air ticket has irrelevant anchor text into the old laptop website.

This will make you find it difficult to get op top 3

Of course, i know you have some conflicting opinions with me. You think that there a variety of websites that have that problem but still get on top frequently.

I agree!

But how many backlinks it takes to get on top ?

Thousands ? Tens of thousands ? Or hundreds of thousands to get on top with that keywords ?

How if i tell you that even with keyword set like old laptop HCM or service seo, it takes only tens of backlinks to on top ?

That is the difference.

It is simply that Google currently promotes a much more relevant backlink. I have proven that in a case study of old laptop hcm keyword through the article SEO Competitor analysis 2019.

After that, here are some articles that i have been using to build related and effective backlinks

Bonus : Patience

This bonus part will help you to know about the current SEO and some other reasons i was asked : why have i SEO for 1-2 months but the keyword doesn’t get any newer ?

Basically, you have a lot harder to SEO than before. It is not technically difficult, but hard in time. Before that, you could shoot a series of backlinks and get to the top of Google very quickly, it could only take 4-6 months to reach top 5 or top 3.

But for now, Google has slowed down the top speed a lot, you will see this most clearly when doing in highly competitive markets.

Notes when doing SEO

The current backlink takes on average 1-2 months to see its effect on your website.

This means that when you build your link, you need to understand that after 1-2 months will you see the results of this backlinks.

So if you saw this morning you just shot backlink and at night saw the keyword rankings changed significantly, you should understand that, it is not from the backlink you just built in the morning but from a period of time ago.

I explain very carefully in the bottom two videos with a case study so I carefully analyze the speed of up and down of the rankings below. So when you do seo now, you need to understand the speed of the backlink influence as well as the restraint of ranking rankings that makes the seo decision right.

The End

I hope that through the article above, when you implement SEO, especially with beginners, you will have more views on SEO and get better result.

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