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What Is Bounce Rate? Why Is It So Popular? Importance Of Bounce Rate

What Is Bounce Rate? Why Is It So Popular? Importance Of Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the important indicators in SEO, based on this you can know the quality of your website or not? So what is the bounce rate and how to optimize the bounce rate to the lowest? Find out in this article!

What Is Bounce Rate Why Is It So Popular Importance Of Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions that access only one page on the website, then leave immediately without clicking on any other content.

For example: Bounce rate of your website is 70%. This means that out of the 100 visits to the website, only 30 views for other content, the remaining 70 are left.

Bounce rate is considered an important index on the website:

Based on this rate you can know the level of customer satisfaction when visiting the site. A high bounce rate proves that the content on your website does not meet the user experience, does not attract them to stay longer.

Along with reduced user experience is poor website quality. And Google doesn’t like these sites, so it’s difficult to get high on the search rankings.

Another important thing, when customers turn away from the site as soon as they visit the website. It will be difficult to convince them to create conversion rates. So, optimizing the lowest bounce rate is the way to improve conversion rates.

So how do you know if Bounce rate is high or low? To see the exact rate on your website, use the Google Analytics tool.

How much is a bounce rate?

What Is Bounce Rate Why Is It So Popular Importance Of Bounce Rate

Every website has a Bounce rate, depending on the type and field of website that Bounce rate will be high or low. However Bounce rate should be in the range greater than or equal to 60%.

There are news websites, which are read by many people every day. They read one post after another, so the Bounce rate will be low. The rest are mostly websites that are searched on Google, or found on advertising pages, the Bounce rate will be much higher.

Psychology of viewers to your website through search on Google: After customers have read the information they need to find. They will leave the website without reading. Understanding this, you will not be too worried if the Bounce rate is high.

The reason for the high bounce rate

To reduce the rate, we must know why the Bounce rate has risen? Here are some common causes for bounce rates on the page.

The page loading speed is slow

Are you thinking the page load speed increases by 1s or 2s is a negligible number? This is completely wrong, because waiting a few more seconds on the website will cause customers to leave immediately, leading to a high rate.

Page load speed is also one of the factors for Google to evaluate search ranking results. So tracking and improving page load speed regularly will have a good impact on SEO and bounce rate.

The content on the website is not quality

Creating content on the website is exactly what the customer needs. If your content does not satisfy this need, they will leave the website at the first time to find a better content.

In contrast, quality content on the website not only keeps customers longer, but also attracts and leads them to read more articles.

Poor user experience on the website

The layout, colors, images, presentation… on your own website play an important role in the decision to stay or leave customers.

You want to give everything you think will bring valuable value. But sometimes it is “backfired”, becomes cumbersome, confusing and does not aim for any purpose for the user. Therefore, a website is too cumbersome in terms of color, disorganized layout is very easy to increase the rate.

The title and description differ from the content

Deceiving customers with title and article description is quite attractive. But the content inside is not relevant is a bad way to build content.

In the first step, maybe you will attract customers to access this content. But they will definitely leave the site immediately because they do not satisfy the need to find information.

What Is Bounce Rate Why Is It So Popular Importance Of Bounce Rate

The site has no internal links

Internal linking will lead customers from one article to another, significantly improving bounce rate. Therefore, not attaching internal links to articles on the website is a serious omission. Users do not know what to do next after reading your article.

Website with technical errors

The bounce rate on your website has suddenly increased, which may be a sign that the website is experiencing some technical errors, resulting in a failure to load the website.

If this is the case, check that pages with high rates are experiencing 404 errors, javascript errors, plugin errors, etc. or not!

How to reduce the bounce rate?

I have tried many different ways to reduce the bound rate, in this article will show you the effective way that I have applied to the articles of the blog category.

Normally, our blog will have many articles, which will be divided into two main categories:

  • The articles answer questions of searchers on Google.
  • Articles that raise new issues, no one has any idea to search yet.

Principle 1

You are a person who likes to write and want your website to have unique content. However, if the content on the website is all new knowledge articles, new perspectives. It will not be able to attract traffic from Google searchers, because they do not know these things.

Therefore, the blog section should have about 70-80% of the posts searchable, and the remaining 20-30% is for new content.

After you adjust the content development direction, you will see website traffic increase.

Principle 2

When customers read the information they are looking for, they will leave the website, but how can they retain them?

You will keep visitors coming back with fresh content articles, please link these articles in useful content that users can search for.

Note: The article title is very attractive to attract the attention of readers.

Principle 3

This is a commonly overlooked rule, I would describe it simply like this:

Customers search for a keyword on Google. The results appear and they click on a post to view it. If they read the content of that bad article (plus the interface is not nice), there will be less confidence that other articles on this website will be good to watch. They immediately exit the page and return to Google to click on the next results.

I mean that you have to address the need to find information, before enticing users to read more new content. The content must be good enough, so then when you list other articles, readers will confidently read the content.

Therefore, to reduce this rate, we should focus more on the quality of the article, instead of growing the number in a rampant way.

Principle 4

Good content but bad presentation will pull down the quality of an article. Some of the rules presented should be noted:

  • The article should include at least 3 illustrations with a number of about 1,000 words. Images help content lively, viewers have more sympathy with the article.
  • Heavy images contribute to slow web pages. Image size should be about 500px to 700px, weigh up to about 100KB.
  • Separate the content, avoid writing clusters.

The end

I have just helped you define what the bounce rate is and how to best optimize your bounce rate. I am sure you will also get some significant results. Good luck & thank you for your time on my website!

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