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What Is Google Sandbox? How To Fix It To Get High Ranking

What Is Google Sandbox?

How To Fix It To Get High Ranking

Google Sandbox is a very important term in SEO, but little known, especially for SEOer just started and not much experience. Meanwhile, the situation of websites falling into the Sandbox is quite common, especially newly established websites with too much content duplication.

Websites that are stuck on Google Sandbox will be subject to probation and not rank well in search pages. So how good is Google Sandbox? How to fix when the website violates Google Sandbox?


What is Google Sandbox?

In March 2014, Google created a Google Sandbox filter based on the term Sandbox on computers with the aim of limiting poor quality websites to spam.

With Google Sandbox, a website can be placed under special probation by Google if it is suspected of being spammed or has activities to bypass the law to get a high ranking in the search rankings.

As a result, website rankings will drop without braking or not even be ranked on Google’s search engine. Probation time may be short or permanent depending on the remedy of that website.

Websites will still get regular Google indexing, but appearing on search rankings is almost impossible.

If your website has content similar to the content of many other websites, content is sketchy, copied too much or placed backlink too suddenly. Beware your website is being put in danger and have been identified by Google as a spam site and probed by Sandbox.

Purpose of Google Sandbox

User-facing benefits

Google always focuses on users. So Google Sandbox was created to help users get the best search results. Eliminating the possibility of poor quality websites but having high rankings thanks to excessive SEO tips.

The listed tricks are spam such as placing too many backlinks in and out of the website, spam keywords on the page…

Beneficial for good websites, eliminating poor quality websites or spam

The advantage of Google compared to other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing… is the relatively fast indexing speed. But this has created opportunities for some black hat SEOers to take advantage of creating many spam links pointing to the website in order to for a website to get a high ranking in the search result. This becomes a drawback of Google.

However, it is not fair to penalize websites that are considered spam by permanently banning or not ranking if the website is accidentally played by an opponent. Therefore, the creation of Google Sandbox to monitor the website to make decisions and penalties more reasonable.

Google Sandbox is not a permanent penalty of Google. This is an opportunity for websites to improve the content and quality of the website, benefit users and meet the criteria of Google. .

But if your website does not stop and timely repairs, it is likely to be permanently penalized by Google Sandbox.


How to know if a website is Google Sandbox?

Here are some basic ways to find out a website violates Google Sandbox or not.

Use search engines other than Google

If you find that your website has high rankings in other search engines like Yahoo Search or Bing Search, while Google does not find rankings or rank 300 or higher. This proves that your website violates Google Sandbox.

Use the Google Webmaster Tool

To check if the website is being monitored, go to the Webmaster Tool.

In the “Search traffic” section, select “Manual action” – this is where Google notifies all penalties for the website and the causes thereof.

If you do not see the error in this section but the website still does not rank. It means that the website has an algorithm like Panda or Google’s Penguin.

Use other tools

In addition, you can find other online testing tools. With your expertise, knowledge and support tools, it is not difficult for an SEOer to realize that a website penalized or not.

Cause of stuck Google Sandbox

To find out how to fix if a website has stuck with Google Sandbox, you must first find the cause.

Content copy, duplicate, the same URL

If the website has too many copied content or the same URL as other websites, your website will immediately be noticed by Google.

However, duplication of products and similar product information is inevitable. So be smart in how to convey content on the website, so as not to be judged as copy content.

SEO is too far for the new website

Your website is new. But you are anxious to get the highest ranking but despite doing SEO, pointing many backlinks while the content is not good, not friendly with Google.

Large amount of backlinks, sudden increase in a short time

It is normal for a website to have many backlinks. But if it increases suddenly, Google will notice immediately.

Not to mention the backlinks of poor quality, violent or sensitive content, or previous Sandbox.

SEO optimization On-page poor

Insert keywords too much, not paying attention to title tags, meta descriptinon and content.

Unfair competition from competitors

In business or any other field, it is inevitable for competitors to be unhealthy. So check your website regularly and promptly prevent hidden links that competitors intentionally inserted to your website to be spam.


How to fix when the website is Google Sandbox

Once your website violates Google Sandbox then you should use the following measures to quickly bring the website back to normal operation.

Immediately stop the black hat SEO tricks that are performing on the website, remove all hidden links. Should focus on manual backlink, take care of each backlink and its content.

This will take you a lot of time and the rankings will rise slowly but once you are in a high position, it is difficult to be dropped.

Optimize internal links. Quality internal links should directe to users, placed on relevant landing pages and absolutely necessary for users.

Remove links from poor quality satellite websites. A backlink supposedly quality must point from websites with the same field of activity, relevant article content, traffic is real…

Focusing on the content for the website. Enhance as many quality articles as possible. A quality article includes keywords, user-oriented content, not copied from the content available of other websites.

Google increasingly evaluates and sets standards for website content. So the more unique your content, the more users will attract, the website will quickly get rid of Google Sandbox.

Google forms of advertising such as Adwords, Adsence should only be done after the removal of bad backlinks has been completed.

If your website is badly played by a competitor, you should email Google to report this incident, otherwise report your site’s fix to quickly exit Google Sandbox.

Reworked the site map and submitted it to Google Webmaster Tool.


Finally, you should wait patiently. If the website fixes the error and tries to improve. It will get high ranking again.

Google is always updating algorithms as well as offering website testing tools, penalties aimed at making the website more user-friendly, beneficial to users using search engines.

Thank you for your time on my website!

Wish you can avoid Google Sandbox or get rid of this penalty.

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