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White-Hat SEO – How To Obey The Rules Of The Game And Still Get High Rankings?

White Hat SEO?

How To Obey The Rules Of The Game And Still Get High Rankings?

How to comply with the rules of the “big” Google and still rank? What is white hat SEO and how does it play a part in efforts to help your website achieve higher rankings?

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White Hat SEO How To Obey The Rules Of The Game And Still Get High Rankings

What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO is the term for SEO tips that comply with all search engine rules and policies, without using tricks such as buying backlinks, buying virtual views.

Instead, white hat SEO strategies focus on building quality websites over the long term by focusing on providing the best experience for the website users.

What White hat SEO techniques To Remember?

In general, white-hat SEO techniques are not a super secret, they are simply regular SEO rules that any beginner will read at least once when learning about this field. Techniques you need to master well include:

    ♦    Content Is King – the principle is always true in SEO

First, creating quality, valuable content and attracting readers is always the guideline of any SEO campaign. Because only sites that provide high quality content that provide useful information will be able to solicit backlinks by users themselves.

When it comes to content creation, many people often just think of finding new topics. But forgetting that refreshing old content is also an effective way to create content.

This method is especially effective because you can both improve the quality of the website’s content. While avoiding diluting the website with too many articles on the same topic.

    ♦    Keywords – an unforgettable power tool of SEO-ers

Second, besides content, SEO article writing techniques is also something you need to be concerned about.

Learn to select and use keywords wisely throughout the content that you will post on the website including text, images, figures, etc. Using keywords naturally is the key to good rankings and basically, this is part of the white hat SEO technique in practice.

    ♦    Optimize Onpage and Offpage – the same pair of ideas in the SEO world

At the same time, white hat SEO in 2020 also includes a series of Onpage and Offpage optimization tasks.

They help search engines verify the relevance of content to searchers’ needs as well as verify the credibility of the website/article (ie do not copy content from other sources) such as: using meta tags, using synonyms, optimizing navigation, reconstructing meaningful URL structure, building standard links, etc.

This helps the ranking of wesite on SERPs to be displayed in a higher position as possible. With white hat technology, the benefit of the user is what gets to the top.

    ♦    Do white hat SEO don’t think about buying links!

Finally, buying links is taboo in white hat SEO. Instead, use media strategies on social networking sites to build quality backlinks and have long-term value.

In addition, investing in building websites with UX and UI designs. That is standard with fast page loading speed, mobile friendly, easy to navigate users is also a good thing to do.

What is the differences between black-hat and white-hat SEO?

In contrast to white hat, black hat SEO is the strategy, technique and tactics of doing SEO in which implementers focus on finding and exploiting algorithmic holes from which to bypass Google law.

In other words, black hat SEO in this way is not concerned about what content they will convey. And how users have the best experience on the site.

How do black hat SEO results differ from the other?

Black hat SEO still delivers the results (rankings) you want, even higher results with less time than white hat SEO.

However, this risky method of course also produces results that are not sustainable and cannot be sustained in the long run. More dangerous, if Google finds out that you are trying to SEO a website in a “black way”.

It is more likely that your website will be penalized (for example, rankings are significantly lowered). And is not even ranked anymore and permanently removed from the search engine results page.

White Hat SEO How To Obey The Rules Of The Game And Still Get High Rankings

Great benefits of using white hat SEO – Did you know?

The cost to implement long-term SEO is much better

Less costly is the first benefit that white hat SEO gives you. In the long run, SEO in this way will be cheaper than black-hat SEO. Because you don’t have to spend money on fixing offenses discovered and penalized by Google.

A good example of this is that you will save a lot of time and manpower to manually remove spam links in the comments section of blog and forum pages.

In addition, if you want to use these techniques without worrying about being touched by Google. You need a team of experts with relatively good technical expertise.

Most of this in-depth knowledge is not shared publicly. And that means you’ll have to pay for either self-study, self-study or hire a team of experts to do this.

Increasing credibility and brand image

Reliability, ethical reasons and consistency are also the appreciated benefits that this SEO brings. Businesses look to white-hat SEO because they want to prove. That they are both able to meet the needs of customers and businesses that are reliable.

Besides, the high rankings obtained by white hat web optimization are usually more stable and especially last longer than pages optimized by circumventing the rules.

Ensure the confidentiality and control of the website’s appearance

Security is also a positive aspect that your business website will enjoy if you choose this strategy. In particular, you will be protected absolutely and not to worry about when you are discovered and subject to Google penalties.

Optimize your website in a Slow but Sure way

Overall, because white-hat SEO focuses on long-term goals and tries to achieve them naturally. We will need time, effort and patience to see results. This is considered the only weakness of these types of SEO campaigns when compared to black hat SEO.

In return, you will save quite a bit of cost and once the website starts getting noticed. We guarantee you will bring back the amount of organic traffic and ROI corresponding to the effort you spent.

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